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Check your boobs

Boob Chief, Kristin Hallenga

Co-Founder, Maren Hallenga

UBT Campaign Manager, Sarah Magee

Operations Manager, Henrietta Atkinson

Health and Education Manager, Mish Poynter


If you have a query about an up and coming event, or you want to put on your own (we’ll love you forever!), contact
If you would like to discuss a partnership, sponsorship, or marketing opportunity, contact

For all press and media related enquiries, please contact Laura at Fluorescent PR

And for anything else and just to say hello, just email!


Boob HQ Address

CoppaFeel!, Tanner Place, 54-58 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PH

We do our utmost to reply quickly to everyone that contacts us, but being a small team you have to appreciate that sometimes this might take longer than you would like as we are busy saving people's lives, so for this we apologise in advance.

Please also note that as much as we enjoy hearing your stories and personal experiences, we are not trained to give medical advice. If you have any worries at all about your health, please see your GP or talk to another medical professional.