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Take on a Fabulous Challenge

Every year we team up with the incredible folk at Fabulous magazine to offer you the chance to take on an adventure of epic proportions! 

What is a Fabulous Challenge?

From climbing Macchu Pichu to tackling the great wall of China, traversing the glacial plains of Iceland to trekking the Arabic fjords of Oman, the Fabulous Challenge is a chance to do something completely out of your comfort zone, in the name of norks. This year our team took on an epic seven day expedition off the beaten track in Oman, with brother-and-sister team Giovanna Fletcher and Mario Falcone at the helm. Check out what happened when they took on the Omani Desert

Walk miles: save lives

Since we started the Fabulous Challenge four year ago, our trekkers have shared their stories with hundreds of thousands of people through Fabulous magazine and raised more than half a million pounds for our charity! It’s a monumental sum that will allow us to reach more young people with our message, empowering them to be proactive about their health and giving them the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer, should it happen to them. And aside from the warm and fuzzy feeling you’ll get from knowing you’re helping us do something epic, you’ll also have the chance to explore some of the world’s most scenic locations whilst making some epic friends along the way. This is without a doubt our biggest fundraising event of the year! See what went down on last year’s trek…

How can I get involved?

If you’d like to join us for a future challenge, let us know your details below and we’ll get in touch in Spring 2018 when we announce our next challenge.

    We will not pass your details onto any third parties or contact you for any reason other than stated above.



We love the team at Fabulous magazine for their continued support over the years, not only do they laugh and agree with wherever takes our fancy but they grab their hiking boots and join us on each trek! Our previous Fabulous Challenge trekkers are more than just awesome fundraisers, they have become ambassadors of CoppaFeel! helping to spread our message to thousands of people. Most importantly they have become some of the closest friends of the charity. Fabulous trekkers, we think you’re pretty awesome.