Chris Jones

A year ago today Chris  lost her 26 year old daughter Alex to breast cancer. Today she is trekking across Oman for CoppaFeel!, having raised over £3000 to support our work. In the years before her death, Alex had volunteered as a Boobette for CoppaFeel!, visiting schools, community groups and businesses to raise awareness amongst young people and ensure no-one had to go through the same experience that she did. We think it’s fair to say that Alex’s determination to affect postive change is one that lives on in Chris. Not only has she strapped on the hiking boots to raise vital funds for our charity, but earlier this year Chris and her daughter Phoebe lent their time (and hands) to our new campaign Trust Your Touch. There’s no wifi in the desert, so Chris doesn’t know she’s today’s Boob Champion, but we’d like you to help us show her some love in an attempt to make the heat, blisters and steep inclines feel worthwhile when she returns to civilisation on Friday. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree that she deserves it.