Caroline and Fiona

Tit’s the season to be jolly, or, you know, make wreaths and chat boobs, which is a message Caroline & Fiona fully subscribe to! Back in 2009, Caroline’s daughter Jenny found a lump in her boob. After being dismissed by her doctor, Jenny returned to the practice with a copy of her mum’s issue of Good Housekeeping, which featured the story of our founder Kris, who had herself been diagnosed with breast cancer at 23. Jenny was subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer and, happily, went on to have successful cancer treatment, live a happy and healthy life and last year she walked down the aisle. So it’s extra special to us that Caroline and Fiona wanted to give something back to our charity. They held a wreath-making workshop, bedecked the tables with CoppaFeel! posters and roped Jenny in to give a talk about her experience. All in all they raised over £1000 in our name. That’s enough money to allow us to send Boobettes like Jenny in 20 schools and workplaces to spread our message. Caroline, Fiona, we think you’re legends. Welcome to the #BoobChampion club.