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Our Team

Since 2009, CoppaFeel! has grown from a determined duo based in Kris’ living room to a team of ten staff housed at Boob Towers in London. We may still be small but we’re pretty good at shouting louder than our size, thanks in huge part to the amazing volunteers who support us.

Meet The Team

This lot are obsessed with boobs, but for a very good reason. Meet the folk who ensure the CoppaFeel! world keeps turning.


Founder & Ambassador

Not to brag, but Kris is a pretty big name in the boob-checking world. Since founding CoppaFeel! in 2009, Kris has been working her butt off to get young people talking about and checking their boobs. As well founding CoppaFeel!, Kris is events planner extraordinaire and knows how to throw a banging party – our sell-out festival, Festifeel, is case in point. When not at Boob HQ, Kris  can easily be spotted in a chunky knit or her signature pom-pom slippers and will probably be found at home in Cornwall baking the worlds healthiest cake, stretching it out at pilates or cosying up with her feline friend Wilhelm.



Maren has been helping sail the CoppaFeel! ship since day one, and in that time her roles have included design whizz, fundraising chief, events manager and festivals co-ordinator. When Maren isn’t dressed in lycra cycling up a mountain or taking on (another) half marathon in the name of boobs, she’s at home in Cornwall tending to her veg patch. In Autumn 2016 Maren took a step back from her role as Director of Business Development to spend more time in the sunny south-west with her dog Rambo and husband Graham. But you’ll still see her at our events, covered in glitter and cheering on our supporters from the sidelines!



Nat is the mastermind captaining the CoppaFeel! ship. She has a knack for turning stats into strategies, and can often be found elbows deep in research papers trying to work out what makes the boob-checking population of Britain tick. Nat is also the driving force behind our biggest marketing campaigns, working with our brand partners and creative agencies to shout CoppaFeel!’s boob-loving message from the rooftops (or, more accurately, billboards, cinema screens, magazines and bra labels). No challenge is too big for Nat – when not at Boob HQ, our terrarium loving Boob Captain moonlights as a Yoga Teacher and can be found teaching dachshunds to downward dog.


Director of Business Support

Hen is the lady who makes sure the boob-world stays turning. Got questions about governance, financials, legal stuff? Hen’s your woman. As well as being the source of serious boob-wisdom, Hen is the clipboard wielding mother of the group and could win a tea drinking competition with her eyes closed. She and her husband used to have to deal with naughty monkeys stealing food from their kitchen in South Africa, so she can pretty much deal with anything. And if she can’t, a cup of tea can.


Director of Education & Health Comms

Sophie works across our education projects to make sure the right messages are being heard by the right people  – working with doctors, primary care practitioners, teachers and politicians to try and put boob-checking at the top of the agenda. Sophie’s also the lady behind our kick-ass collective of Boobettes and ALWAYS gets the ‘stripy tops to work’ memo – which we can only assume is because she lived in Paris for a bit. When not at HQ can be found skateboarding, baking or seeking out the best brunch spots in East London.


Director of Income Generation

After working in the charity sector for a number of years, Kerry joined the team to share her wealth of fundraising knowledge and ensure we can keep bringing in the pennies and pounds to carry out our life-saving work. When not at Boob HQ, Kerry can be found listening to Magic FM (basically a prerequisite for working at CoppaFeel!) and shares our love of cakes and dogs. Her wildly important life goal is to own a Saint Bernard.


Social Media & Uni Boob Team Manager

Sinéad is the voice of CoppaFeel! on social media and the go-to person for our band of online influencers, the Digital Boob Team. She also looks after the Uni Boob Team programme and is our in-house designer, which means she spends a lot of time talking to students, drawing up plans for our Boobmobile and googling pictures of puppies (in the name of research, of course). When Sinead’s not busy dreaming up our monthly text reminders, she’ll probably be doing pilates or attempting to seek out the best pub in London – it’s all about balance, you see.


Marketing Manager

AKA our marketing guru, Zoe is tasked with thinking up lots of clever ways to get you lot checking your boobs. Aside from being great at talking tatas, she’s a bonafide fromagophile – she really likes cheese – and if her most treasured possession wasn’t a photo of her and her mum, it would be a baked camembert.


Fundraising Campaigns Manager

Kirsty joined the team at Boob Towers after working on the 2016 London Marathon and has been working her fundraising magic ever since! She looks after our biggest fundraising campaigns – from Boob Brunch to regular giving, Kirsty’s got it in the bag. Fun facts about Kirsty: she loves yoga, her favourite fruit is mango, and if she could travel back to any period in time, she’d choose the Tudor period! Although to be honest, we’re pretty glad she’s here right now.


Boobette Coordinator

Lucinda is the lady who looks after our awesome squad of ambassadors, the Boobettes. Since joining CoppaFeel! in 2017 she has been putting her organisational prowess to good use to ensure our Boobettes’ stories are being heard in schools and offices across the country. To use a Lord of The Rings metaphor, Lucinda is basically the Gandalf to the Boobettes’ Frodo. When not at Boob HQ, Lucinda is most likely to be found getting her game on the tennis court, probably with her lucky mascot (a little penguin called Joey Tribiani) in tow.


Administration Assistant

Daisy is our Admin Assistant and helps us ensure the Boob world goes round. If you’ve ever received a parcel from us embellished with some rather attractive doodles, you have Daisy to thank (she’s got an art degree, don’t ya know?). When Daisy’s not getting Boob HQ into ship shape, she can be found sniffing out the best thrift shop bargains – a very enviable talent, we think you’ll agree.


Events & Fundraising Officer

Ellie is our Events and Fundraising officer aka. the only person you want to talk to if you’re taking on a Boob Challenge! When she’s not supporting our amazing fundraisers or checking out new events for the calendar, she’s likely to be planning her next trip to the slopes (fittingly, Ellie is pretty sporty and basically a pro when it comes to skiing – our words, not hers). If Ellie could have any superpower it would be the ability to conjure up any dish that came to mind just by thinking about it, which, when we think about it, is probably the only power worth having.


Video Content Creator

Aside from being one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet, Georgette is also the creative genius behind some of CoppaFeel!’s best video content. Previous Summer Boob Tour Manager and future Prime-Minister, Georgette makes up the Swedish constituent of our team, having recently moved to Stockholm. She also knows Little Mix’s back catalogue better than you know the back of your hand, we guarantee it.

Jobs at Coppafeel

If you think you have what it takes to join our team (aside from a love of glitter and avocados), check out our vacancies page.