Uni Boob Team

Apply to be a Team Leader

We’re recruiting for our next cohort of Student Brand Ambassadors, the Uni Boob Team, and are looking for students who are keen to step into the leadership role & bring chest chat to their campus!

Apply to be a UBT Leader

What does it involve?

Want to find out more about being a Uni Boob Team leader before applying? Click below to read the role description or watch the video below to see a day in the life of our UBTs.

Read the role description

The important stuff

Please note that you will need to be available for an interview and to attend training at the end of summer.

  • Can I apply if there isn’t a Uni Boob Team at my university? Of course, we would love to start a UBT at your uni!
  • Can I apply if I am a first year/final year student? Absolutely, the role is designed to work flexibly alongside any studies.
  • Can I apply if there is a Uni Boob Team at my university? Yes! Although, we would encourage you to look at the map and to get in touch with the team at your university first.

If you have any questions please get in touch.