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Here we get to shout loud and proud about the champions of the boob world. If you’ve done something that’s worthy of a boob crown, get in touch!

Latest Champion

The Boobettes!

IMG_0327 Today's Boob Champions have been pretty busy this month educating the Great British public on the importance of getting to know their norks. Throughout March our fabulous Boobettes have given FIFTY talks, bringing their boob chat to schools, universities, offices and even the England Ladies Cricket team. To put that into perspective, that's more than double the amount of talks they'd typically give in a month - so it's safe to say this lot are pretty in demand. As the Boobettes continue to inspire through their personal stories, now more than ever we need ambassadors to share their experiences and help spread a life-saving message. If you’re aged 18-35 and have been diagnosed with breast cancer or have had a breast cancer scare and would like to get involved, apply to join our elite squad of boob-checking experts. Applications end this Friday, March 31st.

image of: The Boobettes!

Previous Champions

image of: Lucinda


luciwebsite Today's Boob Champ is one of our own: our bloomin' brilliant Boobette Coordinator Lucinda. This January Lucinda decided (on a whim) to take on her first ever half marathon. Sensibly, she landed on the the Paris Half, which takes place in early March. In two months Lucinda achieved what would take most of us six, smashing her training, nailing the run and raising more than TWO THOUSAND POUNDS in the process. For outstanding services to running, fundraising and candid updates to her fundraising page, we're crowning Lucinda today's Boob Champion. You can read more about why she decided to get a boob on here.

image of: Team Bath Half!

Team Bath Half!

bathhalfcrop This weekend saw Team Boobs hit Bath to take on 13.1 miles in the name of boobs! We had over 100 hooters take to the south-west's prettiest streets to #GetABoobOn, as well as a troupe of incredible volunteers, our brilliant sports masseuse Chris and photographer Dylan. It's safe to say that they smashed it. Not only did they succeed in nailing the course, they've also raised more than £25,000 to support our work. To put that into perspective, that would be enough money to fund our entire summer boob tour, allowing us to reach thousands of young festival-goers with a potentially life-saving message. What a bunch of legends.

image of: Sophie


Sophie Martincrop Meet Sophie, Boob Champion and poster girl for the boob-checking cause. Sophie came across CoppaFeel! about 2 years ago and was prompted to start checking her boobs. She was shocked to find a lump but decided to visit her doctor straight away. After being told she was "too young", when the lump was examined, it was decided she should be referred to a breast clinic. Luckily for Sophie it turned out to be a fast growing Fibroadenoma and after a few more visits to the clinic, her lump was removed. Sophie wants to share her story in order to make others aware and pro-active, 'I wanted to tell my story to encourage as many young people as possible to CHECK CHECK CHECK!! The NHS were amazing but every step of the way i was told that "you're too young." I feel so lucky that I was finally given the news that it was a Fibroadenoma but I am still glad I got peace of mind and had the lump removed'. Most lumps in younger women won't be cancer, but if in doubt always get it checked out! We reckon Sophie has earned her Boob Champion stripes for doing just that. If you're worried about something and want to know what to expect from your GP appointment, check out our video guide.

image of: Fresh Tech

Fresh Tech

FreshTech See these faces? These faces belong to verified boob champions and probable geniuses Fresh Tech. They've been lending their IT expertise to CoppaFeel! for the last few years (free of charge!), helping us out with our technological needs and demonstrating seriously laudible patience with the Boob Team when they need to tell us to 'turn it off and then on again' one more time. Here they are in full Boob Champion regalia. We reckon it suits them. Let's show them some love, people!

image of: Theni


169238BF-2095-4718-BE6A-880AD0008149 (1) We've been lucky enough to have the lovely Theni volunteering at Boob HQ over the last few months - bringing her accounting skills (and EXCELLENT chat) to the to table to help us keep things in ship shape. Today is Theni's last day in the office and we're all pretty sad about it. So we've decided to crown her Boob Champion in the hope that she'll agree to come and visit us some time. Help us out by showing her some love! (Yep, you guessed it, she's in the middle...)

image of: Kris!


Kris_Cancerversary_website Today's Boob Champion is our founder, Kris! This week marks Kris' 8th cancerversary (in case you're not au fait with the term, it means Kris has been living with cancer for the last 8 years). Since her diagnosis in 2009, Kris has been pretty busy with CoppaFeel!, cancer treatment and above all else, making the most of being here. This Sunday, to mark the occasion, Kris and the Boob Team will be spending the day doing something that makes us glad to be alive - and we want you to do the same. Our challenge to you is to find the time to do something you love, whether that's a morning yoga session or some alone time with your Netflix account, you have our full permission to skip laundry day. You can read more about how Kris will be spending her cancerversary here!

image of: Sarah!


Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 13.07.30 copy Say hello to Sarah, repeat Tuesday Boob Champion and songwriter extraordinaire. She wrote and performed this catchy little number for World Cancer Day. We think it's pretty epic, and suggest you do as she says...

image of: Pretty Little Thing!

Pretty Little Thing!

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 09.42.03 See these backs? These backs belong to fundraising HEROES and Tuesday Boob Champions Pretty Little Thing. Their team have raised more than £9000 for CoppaFeel! by hosting sample sales in aid of us at Uni's across the U.K. We think that makes them a pretty phenomenal bunch! Let's show them some love 💗 If you want to find out more about what we get up to on campus, head to uniboobteam.com

image of: Phoebe!


phoebeweb World, meet Phoebe, Uni Boob Team Leader, purveyor of phenomenal puns and all round top gal. Phoebe is our Uni Boob Team leader at Royal Holloway University and together with her team has been bringing boob chat to campus, big time. From pyjama parties to a pop up salon, freshers to the (epically titled) Galentines Day party, Phoebe and the team at Royal Holloway have been pulling out all the stops to make sure CoppaFeel!'s message gets heard. When she's not busy captaining the Uni Boob Team, Phoebe's been busy helping out the team at Boob HQ - working her socks off and sharing her insider knowledge of all thing student to help us ensure the Uni Boob Team remains awesome. We reckon she deserves an almighty boob salute! Inspired by Phoebe? You can apply to be a Uni Boob Team Leader here.
image of: Joanna Forest!

Joanna Forest!

jo_website We're not normally stuck for words, but it's hard to find ones to accurately describe the powerhouse that is Joanna! Jo has been part of the Boobette family since day zero, and since then has been talking boobs with young people in a bid to get them checking their boobs. Aside from her impressive ability to get people talking norks, Jo is a talented Soprano, and in March she releases her first album (!!) in aid of CoppaFeel! Impressive, right? We reckon she's earned her Boob Champion stripes. Click here to check out the video for the first single from her album, How Does It Feel?

image of: Shannen Jobbing

Shannen Jobbing

fullsizerender Ever seen a boob pinyata before? No, neither had we. That was until this week's Boob Champion raised the bar to new levels with a truly epic Boob Brunch. This November Shannen hosted a Boob Brunch in aid of CoppaFeel! complete with cakes, cocktails and the Pinyata in question. She also raised more than £450 to support our work, which we think is pretty epic. Let's show this lady some love, people! If Shannen has inspired you to get cooking, sign up and order a free Boob Brunch pack here.

image of: Nikoll Carr!

Nikoll Carr!

nikollcar Aside from rocking a pink wig like no other, Nikoll is fundraiser extraordinaire. Last October she hosted a ladies night in aid of CoppaFeel! and it's safe to say she smashed it. With a night of pampering, shopping, massages and beauty treatments she raised over £1500 in the name of boobs. Welcome to the Boob Champion hall of fame, Nikoll, we think you're ace!

image of: Confero Marketing!

Confero Marketing!

confero Ever spotted our boob-checking posters in your shop changing room? You've got Confero Marketing to thank for that. These lovely folk have been on the boob-checking bandwagon since 2015 and have been helping us bring our life-saving message to the masses ever since. They've donated more than £45,000 of media space and put our posters up in branches of Outfit and Miss Selfridge nationwide in a bid to get you lot checking your knockers! We think they're pretty ace. Let's give them a round of applause!

image of: Katie Little!

Katie Little!

katielittle World, meet Katie, Tuesday Boob Champion and absolute hero! Since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, Katie has been on a mission to raise awareness and funds for CoppaFeel! This includes taking on the Great North Run (twice!) and holding a hugely successful Boobie Prize raffle. In the process she's raised over £3000 in the name of boobs, money which will ensure we can get our life-saving, boob-checking message out to the masses! As Katie says, 'If breast cancer is diagnosed early then the person is more likely to survive.' We couldn't agree more, and we want to say a massive thank you to this total legend for helping us make early diagnosis of breast cancer a more likely reality!

image of: Therapy Hair & Beauty

Therapy Hair & Beauty

boob-week_hq-91 A sure fire way to be crowned Boob Champion is to put your creative skills to good use in the the name of norks. And as this lot prove, if you throw in a heap of glitter, a slow-mo photo booth and some boob covered window-panes - you've got it in the bag. Earlier this month the lovely folk at Therapy Hair & Beauty teamed up with our Uni Boob Team for a week long campaign to bring boob-love to the streets of Bristol. They glittered faces, painted nails, braided hair, made MANY cups of tea and most of all, they talked boobs... in the process raising £2000 to support our work! We think they're absolute LEGENDS. Take. A. Bow.

image of: Sue and the team at Spire!

Sue and the team at Spire!

rsz_spire_fashion_20_10_16_060-1 Shout out to Sue O'Gorman and the teams from Spire Thames Valley and Spire Windsor Clinic who got their glad rags on in the name of norks. In October they took over Pinewood studios for one night only to host a fashion show in aid of CoppaFeel! raising 2.5 grand in the process!! We think they're awesome and very well-deserved boob champs! Let's show them some love!

image of: Cardiff Ladies Rugby Club!

Cardiff Ladies Rugby Club!

cardiff-rugby-01 We have a lot of respect for these ladies. Not least because of their dedication to the calendar making cause - this bunch got up at the crack of dawn to strip off in the name of norks. Meet Cardiff Ladies Rugby Club, the only people we know who make naked planking look easy. They've been selling their naked calendar in order to raise money for CoppaFeel! and have so far raised more than £700 to support our work. They've also been nominated for the UK's favourite student naked calendar and made the press in Austria, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Finland, to name just a few! Those are some very famous bums, we're telling you!

image of: Team CoppaFeel! NCS

Team CoppaFeel! NCS

ncsss Since being visited by one of our Boobettes, this lovely bunch have been getting their thinking caps (and boob costumes) on to help us spread our life-saving message. Earlier this month Team CoppaFeel! NCS took to the streets in true boob team style for a bra walk. We think you'll agree they looked pretty great, and we're chuffed that they're on board with the boob-checking revolution!

image of: Georgia, Philly, Lydy, Maddy, Elly, Richard & Maria

Georgia, Philly, Lydy, Maddy, Elly, Richard & Maria

georgia_pemberton-01 We have a theory that the best decisions are made over a few cocktails, and these guys certainly seem to prove the rule.  After a few drinks, Georgia and a bunch of her friends and family decided to take on their first ever half marathon. And in September they took to the streets of Cheltenham to take on 13.1miles in the name of norks. Not only did they smash the run (and look pretty great doing it!) they've also raised over £1800 for CoppaFeel! That's enough money to allow us to send out 36,000 boob-checking text reminders!! We'd like to congratulate this bunch of lovely humans on their very good decision making skills.  

image of: Caroline & The Ben Nevis Conquerors!

Caroline & The Ben Nevis Conquerors!

caroline_simpson_website Most people would be content with trekking the Great Wall of China. But not this bunch. After taking on our Fabulous Challenge last year, this lot decided they weren't yet ready to hang up their hiking boots. In September their team of nineteen climbed Ben Nevis in the name of knockers, raising over £3000 in the process. Here they are looking deservedly triumphant at the summit. Let's show them some love, people!

image of: Jason Jack

Jason Jack

jack_website Our friend Jason is no stranger to spending some serious time in the saddle. This year he's been getting his lycra on to raise a whole lot of money for CoppaFeel! - cycling from London to Paris this April and taking on Lands End to John O'Groats in September. Why? Jason decided to fundraise in memory of his wife Suzy, who sadly passed away in June 2015. Suzy had dedicated much of her time to supporting and raising funds for charity, having lived with breast cancer for a number of years. We think Jason's cycling adventures payed fitting tribute to her generosity and resolve - not only did he rack up the miles, he has now raised over £2800 to support our work! These funds will help us reach more young people with our life-saving message, ultimately ensuring that more people survive this disease. What a legend. Welcome to the Boob Champion Hall of Fame, Jason! If you want to be a Boob Champion, find out more about how you can raise money for us.

image of: The Happy Ending Team!

The Happy Ending Team!

happy_ending_champs-01 These lovely mugs belong to some of our favourite people in the world, the awesome folk at Happy Ending Agency. Not only are they the creative minds that convinced us to turn blue in the name of Festifeel - they also work their butts off every year to curate an exhibition of mind-blowingly good graphic design for our annual House of Vans takeover. Aside from that, they've been known to pull some serious moves on the softball pitch AND are the owners of one of our favourite pups, Indiana Bones. (Note that we don't take bribes for Tuesday Boob Champion status, but IF we did, this face would get you a long way).

image of: Sarah Carless!

Sarah Carless!

carlesswebsite-01 World, meet Sarah! As well as being one of the most organised people we know, this powerhouse of a lady is one mighty cog in the Festifeel machine, devoting a bucket load of time and energy into making every year better than the last. And when she's not on production duty, Sarah's in the saddle - last month she hopped on her bike and smashed the Hilly Hundred! Total. Legend.

image of: Royal Parks Runners!

Royal Parks Runners!

royal-parks-website-01 This weekend the almighty #TEAMBOOBS took to some of London's prettiest parks for the Royal Parks Half Marathon. If you spotted a ginormous boob flying by it was one of our awesome team, who smashed the race to raise over £18,000 (aka. one heck of a lot of money) to support our work. All of our runners are absolute legends, but we'd like to give special mentions to the team from MediaCom who turned out in full force to support CoppaFeel! and our very own co-founder Maren, who conquered 13.1miles the morning after Festifeel. That's what we call stamina! Let's give them a round of applause! If you'd like to #GetABoobOn with us next year, you can sign up for 2017 here!  

image of: The Summer Boob Tour Massive!

The Summer Boob Tour Massive!

festivalvolunteerswebsite-01 Every year we dust down the Boob Cube and take our message out to festival fields across the UK in a bid to get young people across the country talking about and checking their boobs! And we couldn't do it without the crack team of volunteers who man the boob cube and show out in full force, rain or shine. So here's an almighty boob salute everyone who helped make this year's festival season such an epic one!

image of: The Hilly Hundred Cyclists!

The Hilly Hundred Cyclists!

hh2016website-01 What happens when you mix 45 cyclists, The Eden Project, hundreds of hills and a lot of boob love? Boob Champions are born, that's what. Today's Tuesday Boob Champions are our bloomin' awesome Hilly Hundred Cyclists who took on some of Cornwall's toughest inclines to raise money in the name of boobs! Whether they took on 100km or 100miles, this lot (and their padded shorts) deserve some serious respect. We'd also like to say a massive thanks to the lovely folk at Eden for making this happen! Let's show them some love!

image of: Coastal Fondle Cyclists!

Coastal Fondle Cyclists!

coastalfondle-01 We'd be tempted to award this lot Boob Champion status for their t-shirts alone, but in truth, they've done much more than demonstrate their sartorial prowess. At the beginning of the month the Coastal Fondle Team (with our good mate Rob at the helm) set off on a 175km bike ride around the East Anglian coast, cycling from Felixstowe to Kings Lynn to raise more than £1500 for CoppaFeel! Their money will ensure we can reach more young people with our life-saving message, helping make late-diagnosis of breast cancer a thing of the past. Pretty epic, huh? Let's show them some love!

image of: Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

paulmitchell-01 Say hello to a pretty legendary bunch! Our friends at Paul Mitchell have been on the boob-loving bandwagon for years, from supporting Festifeel to sponsoring our Uni Boob Teams and fundraising in their salons - they've been a pretty busy bunch! We think their superstar status deserves some recognition, so this week we're crowning them Boob Champions. Take a bow, folks!

image of: Our UBT Leaders!

Our UBT Leaders!

UBTWebsite-01 Over the last 2 weeks we've had the pleasure of training up our newest squad of Uni Boob Team leaders, and what a crew they are! This bunch of Boob Champions will be taking to campuses across the UK to help us spread our life saving message, getting their classmates talking about and checking their boobs, and spreading a lot of fun in the process! From what we've seen so far they're a pretty talented and creative-minded bunch, and we can't wait to see what this year has in store for them! If you want to join the Uni-Boob-Loving bandwagon, find out more and apply here!

image of: Amy, Sian & Vicky!

Amy, Sian & Vicky!

ThreePeakswebsite-01 Last month Amy, Vicky and Sian took on the Three Peaks Challenge in the name of boobs! They smashed it - completing the challenge in 21 hours and 44 minutes to raise more than £700 to support our work - meaning we can bring our life-saving message into more schools, universities and workplaces across the UK. They have vowed never to climb another mountain again but were super chuffed with themselves. Rightly so! Let's show some love to today's Tuesday Boob Champions!

image of: Yours Clothing!

Yours Clothing!

yoursclothingwebsite-01 Carrier bags sometimes get a bad rep but this week's Tuesday Boob Champions have proven that they can have uses more life-changing than carrying your milk. The awesome people Yours Clothing have been donating the proceeds from the sale of their carrier bags to CoppaFeel! and have raised more than £20,000 in less than a year! Phenomenal work. Let's all take a moment to appreciate how great they are.

image of: The Fabulous Challenge Trekkers!

The Fabulous Challenge Trekkers!

IcelandWebsite-01 It's hard to know where to begin when listing the virtues of today's Tuesday Boob Champs, but we'll start with their propensity for glitter wearing, an extraordinary ability to withstand blisters and their absolutely phenomenal fundraising abilities. In case you missed it, last week this lot trekked 60km of Iceland's most rugged terrain with Boob Chief Kris and team captains Chloe Madeley and Vicky Pattison at the helm. Not only did they endure -10 conditions and serious foot pain, they smashed the trek and raised more than £160,000 to support our life-saving work. We couldn't be more proud. Let's give them an almighty boob salute!

image of: Chris!


chrismillerwebsite-01 In June Chris climbed Ben Nevis to raise funds to support our life-saving work. Not only did he make it to the summit, he also raised more than £560 in the process. Impressive stuff, huh? But that wasn't enough for Chris, and last month he tackled a half marathon as well, all in the name of boobs! We reckon that's deserving of Boob Champion status!

image of: Team Tennet

Team Tennet

tennetwebsite-01 This lot have taken creative fundraising to a new level - did someone say kamikaze egg hunt? Yeah, actually, they did. That's just one of the ways Team Tennet have helped raise more than £3000 to support our work (they've also walked 35 miles from Staithes to Scarborough, held 4 dress down days and potentially invented the concept of a lottery tree). Why? After one of their colleagues was diagnosed with breast cancer, they decided they wanted to give something back. Total heroes. Let's show them some love, people!

image of: Kate!


katewebsite-01 We love cha-cha-chas almost as much as we love cha-chas (trumped only by making bad puns) so when today's Boob Champion decided to throw a Strictly Come Dancing style fundraiser in aid of us, we were pretty enamoured with the idea. Kate runs a dance academy and last month hosted Strictly Daventry in aid of us and another charity. Not only did the evening pay serious dues to sequins, they raised over £2343.40 in total for CoppaFeel! - money which will help us ensure late diagnosis of breast cancer becomes a thing of the past. We reckon that deserves a 10!

image of: A Glaswegian Bunch of Boobs!

A Glaswegian Bunch of Boobs!

Samcahillwebsite-01 Last month our Boobette Sam and a bunch of her mates (shout out to Tracey, Lyanna, Louise, Christine, Christine , Stephanie, Nicole, Debbie, Marion, Elaine , Janet, & Helen... phew!) took to the streets of Glasgow to run 10k in the name of boobs. They smashed their target and raised a phenomenal £1450, money which will ensure we can send more Boobettes like Sam into schools and workplaces across the country to spread our life-saving message. We think that's pretty rad. Let's give them a boob salute, people! 

image of: The Billings Family!

The Billings Family!

Billingsfamwebsite-01 This weekend Team Boobs kicked off the Summer Boob Tour at Kent's B Festival. We couldn't have asked for a better start, with boob chat, Beyonce songs and sunshine in vast measures. And this lot are the brains behind it all. Meet the Billings family. As well as choosing us as their charity partner for the second year running, this lot consistently go above and beyond in the name of boobs. From running marathons to helping out at Festifeel, they’re faithful servants to the boob-loving cause, and we think they’re ace. Let's show them some love, people!

image of: The Ladies Circle!

The Ladies Circle!

LCWebsite-01 We love birthdays, and this lot recently celebrated a preetty big one. Today's Boob Champions threw a party last month to celebrate 80 years of the Ladies Circle, an organisation for young women aged 18-45 who want to give something back to their local community. Pretty cool, huh? What's even cooler is that they raised more than £4500 to support our work, meaning we can reach even more young people with our life-saving message. We've got a lot of time for that, let's show them some love!

image of: Mark!


marklweb-01 Meet Mark - triathlete and all round top fella. Mark's wife Lindsay was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, after discovering a lump in her breast. Lindsay's cancer was caught at it's earliest stage - meaning that after a tough few months of treatment, she is now back to good health. So Mark decided that he wanted to do "something small" to help other women in a similar situation, and this month he took on the Windsor Triathlon in aid of CoppaFeel! and Macmillan. In the process he raised £1275, money which will help us ensure that all breast cancers are diagnosed at their earliest stage, when treatments are more effective and survival rates are higher. We'd argue that that's not so small. Let's give Mark a boob salute, people!

image of: The Institute of Promotional Marketing

The Institute of Promotional Marketing

IPMAWARDS-01 We've got a lot of love for this week's boob champions. As well as certifying our Uni Boob Team programme, these people also pull out all the stops to fundraise for us at their annual awards show. And this year was no exception. Last Tuesday the best brains in marketing got together for a night of awards, fundraising and bra pong. We've got to give it to them, they nailed it, raising more than £10,000 to support our work. Pretty epic, huh? We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone at the IPM who helped to organise the event and all who attended and donated! You total legends.

image of: David!


boobchampdavid-01 It never fails to amaze us when we see the lengths our supporters go to to fundraise. And this week's Boob Champ is no exception. Meet David, Tuesday Boob Champion and party planner extraordinaire. After his friend Sile completed her treatment for breast cancer, David decided to do something for the boob-loving cause, and the CoppaFeel! ball was born. With a set from Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid and a guest appearance from Courteney Cox (Courteney Cox!!) the evening was a phenomenal success. Best of all? They raised over £30,000 - money which will ensure we can educate more young people about the risks of breast cancer and save more lives. David, you're a legend! (Please you can organise our christmas party?)

image of: Sue and Bob!

Sue and Bob!

sueandbobwebsite-01 This is what Boob Champions look like. This is also what regular givers look like. Meet Sue and Bob. They donate to CoppaFeel! each month. Why? Because they believe that all breast cancers should be diagnosed at their earliest stage, when treatments are more effective and survival rates are higher. And they want to help us make that a reality. Donating just £2 a month will allow us to send out 40 life-saving reminder texts and £10 provides an awareness pack full of educational materials. And the best bit? You too can be awesome as Bob and Sue - find out more about regular giving!

image of: Bekki, Debs & Jess!

Bekki, Debs & Jess!

CasinoRoyaleWebsite-01 This week's boob champions are a pretty awesome lot, who also know how to throw a great party (just our kind of people, then). In February Bekki, Debs and Jess organised a Casino Royale themed ball in aid of CoppaFeel!, Pancreatic Cancer UK & Target Ovarian Cancer. The evening was held in memory of their cousin Melanie, who they had sadly lost to secondary Breast Cancer in 2014. We think it's a pretty great way to be remembered. Not only was the night a total success, the ball raised more than £3150 for our charity, money which will help us continue in our mission to end late-diagnosis of breast cancer. Let's give these ladies a boob salute!

image of: The Big C(hampions)

The Big C(hampions)

BIGCWebsite-01 It's a well known fact that we love festivals. And if there's one thing we love as much as a festival it's a boob challenge. That means the Big C Festival is right up our street. Every year our Boobette Rachel and a bunch of her mates get together to hold a charity triathlon, followed by a a line-up of epic music and some serious BBQ food in aid of us and three ace charities. Not only do they seriously know how to throw a party, they also raised £9,537.70 to support a load of great causes (and that includes boobs). Pretty phenomenal, eh? Hats off to the Big C crew, today's Tuesday Boob Champs.

image of: The Hackney Heroes

The Hackney Heroes

HackneyHalfWebsite-01 Remember that weekend, the one before last, when the weather in Britain was hotter than it was in Barbados (shout out to the Daily Mail for the headline)? You probably spent it in the park/ beer garden/ beach. But not these guys, no sireee, they champed it out and ran the Hackney Half Marathon on one of the hottest days of the year, in order to raise funds to support our work. Not only did they raise more than £800 between them, they also ran the  whole 13.1miles in boob costumes. Sweaty boob costumes. We're VERY impressed, let's show them some love, people!

image of: Boobs on Bikes!

Boobs on Bikes!

Boobsonbikeswebsite-01 Meet Cardiff Uni Boob Team, Pinnacle Lettings and LetMC, a super crew known for going above and beyond in the name of boobs. They've pulled out all the stops once more, this time cycling more than 100 miles and climbing 9000ft across West Wales to raise money for CoppaFeel! Despite enduring solid rain for the first 38 miles and more than a few mechanical issues along the way, they put their glutes to the test and reigned victorious. Oh, and there's the small matter of raising £2147 in the process. Seriously impressive stuff. If you're feeling inspired to whip out the lycra, find out how you can bike for boobs here!

image of: Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall

SarahHallWebsite-01 Sarah is a pretty awesome lady. Not just because she seriously knows how to bake (just look at the nipples on those cakes) but also because she's seriously committed to the boob-loving cause. Sarah was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, at the age of 27, and is currently having active treatment. Since her diagnosis she's set up a Uni Boob Team at her university, held THAT cake sale and raised over £370 for CoppaFeel! Pretty impressive stuff, hats off to you Sarah! If Sarah's inspired you, find out more about volunteering for us here! 
image of: Our London Marathon Champions!

Our London Marathon Champions!

LondonBCWebsite-01 On the list of challenges that make us go weak at the knees, running a marathon comes pretty high (falling somewhere in between bear wrestling and tarantula training). That's why we're so impressed by the ten runners who took on the London Marathon this weekend in the name of boobs. Not only did they smash the 26 mile course, they've also raised more than £15,000 to support our life-saving work. We're in awe. If you've been inspired by these super-humans and fancy getting a boob on, why not sign up to join #TEAMBOOBS at next year's Brighton Marathon. Apply here!
image of: Brighton & Plymouth Marathon Runners!

Brighton & Plymouth Marathon Runners!

PlymouthBrightonwebsite-01 This week boob clad runners across the nation took to the roads to run in the name of knockers. From the veritable army of janners joggin' for jugs in Plymouth (there were 95 of them!) to the 10 brave runners who took on the Brighton Marathon to raise money and help us save lives, it was a seriously impressive weekend for #TEAMBOOBS. So we're crowning them all Boob Champions, because they're total legends. And they're probably feeling quite chafed and sore right now. If that doesn't deserve a boob salute, we don't know what does.

image of: The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Derrick Wess

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Derrick Wess

DerrickWess-01 Meet Derrick, part man, part machine (probably mostly machine). So far this year he's run the Bath half, taken on a Swimathon and smashed the intimidatingly titled "The Suffering" obstacle course. But that's not all. All this year Derrick is taking on challenges to raise funds and awareness for CoppaFeel! This month alone he's running the Old Skool Mud Run, the Spartan Sprint, the Manchester Marathon, Brighton Marathon AND a tough mudder. Our calves ache in sympathy. Derrick, you are a true Boob Champion: we take our hats off to you!

image of: Becky Rowe

Becky Rowe

Beckywebsite-01 Meet Becky! Becky is one of our Boobettes and today she is also our Tuesday Boob Champion! In 2013, Becky was diagnosed with breast cancer, at the age of 25. For the last year she has represented CoppaFeel! - sharing her story and giving talks in her community in South Wales, all with the aim of getting you lot to check your boobs. This Saturday she even turned down her invite to our epic annual volunteer awards in order to give a Boobette talk, educating more than 100 people on the art of boob love. That's what we call dedication. Let's have a boob salute for Becky, people!

image of: Edinburgh & Queen Margaret’s Uni Boob Teams

Edinburgh & Queen Margaret’s Uni Boob Teams

edinburghubtwebsite-01 At the start of the month our Edinburgh Uni Boob Teams got together to take on the streets of the Scottish capital in the name of boobs! The students from Queen Margarets and Edinburgh Universities took on 5k (and one half marathon - shout out to Mike!) and raised over £600 whilst wearing some of the pertest boobs we've seen in a long time. Let's have a round of applause for that!

image of: The Liverpool Uni Runners!

The Liverpool Uni Runners!

AliceGalsworthywebsite-01 See these ladies? They're what total champions look like. Two weeks ago they took on 13.1 miles of Liverpool's toughest terrain to raise more than £1500 for us. On top of that they've been fundraising all year round with the Liverpool Athletics Union to raise money to support our work. Impressive stuff! Let's give it up for our Tuesday Boob Champions!🏽

image of: The Bath Half Champions!

The Bath Half Champions!

BathHalfWebsite-01 There are lots of things that make life at Boob HQ pretty awesome (the office fancy dress box, for example), but there are few things greater than watching an army of boob-clad runners take to the streets to support what we do. Which is exactly what happened this weekend, when #TEAMBOOBS hit the west-country's prettiest streets for the Bath Half. With the sun beating down on them, more than 60 runners took on 13.1 miles and won, raising a phenomenal sum of more than £23,700 between them. Did we mention that most of them were attached to a ginormous boob (or 5). Yep, we'd say this lot are well-deserved boob champions. Check out the photos from the day here, and if you think you'd like to #GetABoobOn in 2017, for one week only you can nab an early-bird entry for £1.

image of: Mackenzie!


MackWebsite-01 After taking on a half marathon for us last year, this #teamboobs veteran wasn't ready to hang up her trainers (or her boob costume) just yet, so she began training for another one. On Sunday Mackenzie ran the Paris Half Marathon to raise funds to support our-life saving work. Not only did she boss 13.1 miles in the name of boobs, she also raised over £1000 for CoppaFeel! Impressive, non?! You can donate to her total here.
image of: Team Moda!

Team Moda!

modawebsite-01 Today's Tuesday Boob Champions could only be the FABULOUS team at MODA UK, aka. the brains behind last week's epic Intimate Ball. Bringing together some of our favourite things (lingerie, boobs and a photobooth, FYI) the evening was an incredible success, raising over £27,000 for us in one night! Phenomenal! We'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone who helped organise the event (including sponsors Wacoal) everyone who attended and everyone who donated. You're all boob-legends. Check out the photos from the evening here!
image of: Going commando!

Going commando!

marineswebsite-01 Meet Luke and the Royal Marine Commandos, Tuesday Boob Champions and serious over achievers! Luke got in touch with us whilst they were deployed on disaster relief operations in the Caribbean. Not content with plain sailing they decided to turn their journey home into a fundraiser for CoppaFeel! Their mission? To "race the ship" by having a man on an exercise bike 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until they reached the total distance the ship would travel. That's 4500 miles. Not only did they complete the challenge, they raised more than £2000 in the process. Seriously impressive stuff. Well done fellas, PLEASE take a break now.

image of: Uni Boob Team Keele

Uni Boob Team Keele

ubtkeelewebsite-01 We're still reeling from the aftermath of one EPIC boob week as Uni Boob Teams across the country took to their campuses to spread boob-love and raise money. All our teams were phenomenal, but one team deserves a special mention for services to all things uni and boob. Say hello to our Tuesday Boob Champions, Keele Uni Boob Team. Last week they raised over £1000 in one night by throwing a UV party in the name of boobs. Did we mention they've been helping us spread our boob-loving message all year? Total. Legends.

image of: The Atte Huskyteers

The Atte Huskyteers

attehuskyteerswebsite-01 Next month the Atte Huskyteers will be flying out to Norway to take on a six day adventure to Sweden, traversing a barren arctic landscape, enduring temperatures as low as - 30° and manning a team of Husky dogs along the way. In between rigorous training and polar bear encounters they've thrown heaps of fundraising events including a 50 mile night cycle challenge, a car wash, fashion show and an Arctic ball... raising over £100,000 for us and three other brilliant charities. If you're as impressed as we are, put your money where your mouth is and donate to their page here.

image of: Hans, Fanny, Klaus, Madonna & Nile

Hans, Fanny, Klaus, Madonna & Nile

DDWEBSITE-01 Today's Tuesday Boob Champions could only be our unbelievable Boob Ball hosts Klaus Bitberger, Madonna Kebab, Nile Dodgers, Fanny McFane & Austrian Hans aka. DISCO Dodgeball and Legs Akimbo. For services to disco, funk, soul, glitter and BOOBS everywhere, we take our hats off to you! 

image of: Cie & her puppies

Cie & her puppies

Ciewebsite-01 It's a well known fact that we like puppies of all kinds, so when this week's Tuesday Boob Champion proposed a fancy dress dog walk we were instantly sold. Meet Cie, the mastermind behind Walkies for Boobies - Milton Keyne's very own version of Crufts, with lingerie. Fellow dog walkers signed up to compete for titles including "best dog bra", "best human bra" and "best dressed dog". In total Cie and her fellow dog-walkers raised over £1000 to support our life-saving work ...and the pictures speak for themselves. Thank you Cie, for outstanding services to boobs everywhere.

image of: Kathy & the Calendar Girls

Kathy & the Calendar Girls

Kathy-01 After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 28, today's Boob Champion decided she wanted to do something awesome for CoppaFeel! It's safe to say that she managed it. Kathy's extensive list of achievements includes hosting a boob fancy dress party, holding a boobie bake sale, teaming up with her pals to create an epic calendar and selling christmas cards in aid of us. Did we mention that she's raised over £1300 in the process? Let's all take a moment to contemplate that. Kathy, you're a legend.

image of: Alex Tracey & Swinton Insurance

Alex Tracey & Swinton Insurance

SwintonInsurance-01 Give a boob salute to our Tuesday Boob Champions, Alex Tracey and the fabulous team at Swinton Insurance. Along with colleague (and Boobette) Alex Jones, the team held a fundraising day dedicated to three of our favourite things (that's coffee, cake and boobs, FYI) to raise more than £2,000 to support our life-saving work. Legends!

image of: Lee & Gav

Lee & Gav

LeeGavwebsite-01 Introducing Lee & Gav, today's Tuesday Boob Champions. After Lee's wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, these two strapped into the saddle to take on the Coast to Coast challenge in aid of us. These guys have raised more than £500 already, which we think is more than worth a sore bum or two. Take a bow, fellas!

image of: Boob Champs of the year!

Boob Champs of the year!

BCCwebsite-01 Before 2015 comes to a close, all that's left to say is a HUGE thank you to all the boob champions who have made 2015 EPIC. It goes without saying that we couldn't do any of the amazing work we do without your support. Whether you've baked boob shaped cakes for us, run/ danced/ swam/ bungee jumped/ trampolined for us, donned a ginormous boob, become a monthly donor or run a marathon... whatever you've done, big or small, we want to you to know that it means the world to our team . Thank you for getting involved, thank you for believing in our message and our work, thank you for helping us do what we do best! You are all boob legends. Now, give yourselves a pat on the back.  

image of: Aberystwyth Uni Boob Team

Aberystwyth Uni Boob Team

GlitterPartyWebsite-01 Today's Boob Champions have earned their crown for outstanding services to all things Uni and Boob. Meet The Tinkled Pink Society (Aberystwyth's branch of the Uni Boob Team). In just one semester at Uni they've raised more than £2709 for ourselves and Breast Cancer Care. How? By selling a naked calendar, hosting a boob ball tournament and throwing a Glitter party. Yep, you heard, a GLITTER PARTY. Phenomenal work, team!

image of: The legendary RAF Northolt

The legendary RAF Northolt

NorthholtWebsite-01 These guys have well and truly earned their Tuesday Boob Champion crowns. Meet RAF Northolt. Last week they bossed a bleep test marathon in aid of us, each running the equivalent of a half marathon over a 12 hour period. If you still get a feeling of dread remembering that time in PE class you had to do the bleep test, you'll appreciate what a mean feat that is. What's even more impressive is that they've raised over £1700 to support our work. Legends. Give them a round of applause, people!

image of: The Next Crew

The Next Crew


This week's champions love boobs (and bras) almost as much as we do. Today the ladies from Next (including Keely and Hannah pictured here) held a Bra Fitting at their head office to mark the start of our #BraHijack  campaign launching in their stores in 2016. They spent the afternoon chatting boobs and collecting funds to support our work. Oh, and they're running the Bath Half for us this March. Yep.... Boob Champions through and through. If you're as impressed as we are and think you'd also like to #GetABoobOn for us, you can sign up to run here.


image of: Rebecca and Spen

Rebecca and Spen

Boob champs Rachael website -01 These absolute legends are the brains behind The Great Mewstone Paddle. Taking place this summer, the event involved swimmers, kayakers and paddle-boarders taking to the waves and completing a 3 mile course, all in the name of boobs. Not only did Rebecca and Spen manage to convince the masses to brave the (cold) Plymouth sea, they raised over £3500 in aid of two charities, Chesnut Appeal and ourselves. We think they're pretty awesome!      

image of: Uni Boob Team Leeds

Uni Boob Team Leeds

UBTleedswebsite-01 Meet our Leeds Uni Boob Team, as well as fighting for the boob-loving cause on campus, these ladies have been getting their Mo on (...and their boobs on) to tackle the Leeds Mo Run and raise money to support our life-saving work. They smashed the race AND raised over a thousand pounds between them. We think that's deserving of Boob Champion status. GO TEAM!

image of: Heather


rsz_heather How much money can you raise by auctioning off a load of pants? Well over £10,000 if you're our mate Heather, who last week did just that, auctioning off knickers from the likes of Ed Sheeran, Nick Grimshaw and Tom Daley to raise funds to support our life-saving work. As well as being a solid supporter of CoppaFeel!, and throwing an epic party, Heather created this (excellently titled) video to remind you lot to Check Yourself, Don't Wreck Yourself. What a legend.

image of: Camilla


camilla-01 We love a party, especially one that involves good food and a big bunch of our mates. So does our Tuesday Boob Champion, the lovely Camilla, who recently raised over £8000 by throwing a party for all of her friends. Why? Camila had breast cancer and wanted to do something great for CoppaFeel! We think that's very cool.

image of: Sarah Outen MBE!

Sarah Outen MBE!

sarahoutenwebsite-01 This week's Boob Champion could only be seafaring-champion, adventure-lover, CoppaFeel! patron and utter LEGEND Sarah Outen. 1676 days ago (that's four and a half years, maths lovers) Sarah embarked on an expedition of epic proportions: London 2 London: Via The World. Today she arrived back at Tower Bridge having cycled, kayaked and rowed around the Northern Hemisphere in aid of us and three other great charities. We can't begin to put in to words how proud we are of the mind-boggling feat Sarah has achieved! Let's have a huge round of applause, people! And if you're as impressed as we are, donate to Sarah's fundraising page here.

image of: Becky


beckybeasley1website-01 Today's Tuesday Boob Champion combined two things we love: baking and boobs. Meet Becky, maker of cakes and cocktails, who raised over £200 for us throughout August by getting her bake on. Take a bow, Becky!

image of: The Great North Runners

The Great North Runners

GNRWebsite Wayay pet! Today's Tuesday Boob Champions are the Geordie heroes who smashed the Great North Run last month in aid of us! If you fancy getting a boob on and taking on the toon in aid of us, you've got 11 months to get in shape for next years race. Sign up now and nab a limited early bird entry!

image of: Royal Parks Runners

Royal Parks Runners

royalparkswebsite-01 Today's Tuesday Boob Champions are the epic lot who took on the Royal Parks Half marathon this weekend in aid of us. Together with a teams from our mates at John lewis and Figleaves, the group have already raised more than £10,000. If you've been inspired to #GetABoobOn, sign up to jog for jugs! We've got races all across the country.

image of: Dianne


dianne macrae-01 This week's Boob Champion is a long-serving CoppaFeel! supporter. Dianne has known Kris & Maren since their school-days (she used to teach them art!) and over the last six years has raised over £2000 for us. How? Along with her mate Jackie and husband Anthony, Dianne holds open days at her home, selling her art wares and inviting people in for tea and cake. What a legend. Without people like Diane, CoppaFeel! simply couldn't exist. If you'd also like to support our life-saving work, donate at https://coppafeel.org/give/  

image of: The Pink Bearded Blokes

The Pink Bearded Blokes

pinkbeardswebsite-01 We'd be tempted to crown these guys Boob Champions for the beards alone, but they've done a lot more than hitting the hair dye. After Matthew's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year at the age of 29, he and his mates decided to show CoppaFeel! their support by taking on the 3 peaks challenge, in aid of us. Not only have they likely initiated a new hipster beard trend and smashed the peaks, they've also raised an epic sum of more than £2500 to support our life-saving work. Hats off to you, gentlemen!

image of: Rachael


rachaelwesbite-01 It never ceases to amaze us what you lot get up to whilst donning the boob. This week's Tuesday Boob Champion Rachael raised the bar once more by rocking the boob whilst pulling some epic ski tricks, raising £200 for us in the process. Check out Rachael (and her equally cool mates) in action.

image of: Michelle’s Belles

Michelle’s Belles

Michelle colour run website-01 This week's boob champions are Michelle and her belles, who got a boob on for the Birmingham colour run. Not only did they smash the 10k course and get covered in paint, they also raised more than £1000 for us! Take a bow, ladies!

image of: Steve & Friends

Steve & Friends

20150321_114816 (2) What makes a Tuesday Boob Champion? A love of boobs? Sure. A knack for raising a lot of money? Of course. The ability to play darts for 12 hours straight? We guess so! This week's champions tick all the boxes. This March Steve Lane and his friends held a darts marathon in aid of CoppaFeel! Not only did they manage to stay standing throughout, they also raised over £2000 for us. Now that's a bullseye! Hats off to you gentlemen!

image of: Rachel & The Big C Festival

Rachel & The Big C Festival

Rachel Turner Big C Festival Web-01 Of all the things we love here at Boob HQ, Festivals come pretty high up the list (boob-checking takes the top spot of course), and this week's Tuesday Boob Champion is a kindred spirit. Meet Rachel, Boobette, Boob Champ and part-time Festival organiser. Rachel and her mates organise The Big C Festival in Croyde and we'd like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who turned out and ran, swam, cycled, paddled and danced the day away, raising £2000 for CoppaFeel! in the process! Take a bow!

image of: Devon


devonyoungwebsite-01 Meet Devon, today's Tuesday Boob Champion and all round boob hero. Three months ago Devon was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer - at the age of 36. Knowing she'd be having chemotherapy, Devon decided to shave her head and document the process online, 'for your amusement'. In the process she's raised a magnificent total of more than £4,300, funds that allow us to continue our life-saving work. Devon, you're a legend, we can't thank you enough! Read her moving (and amusing) story here.

image of: John Lewis Ladies

John Lewis Ladies

boobchampwebsite-01 After hearing Kris speak at their office, today's Tuesday Boob Champions were inspired to 'do something a little more kick ass than turning up for work every day!'. And they did just that! Alison, Jill, Kristin, Michelle and Sue hijacked John Lewis HQ with boob-love, bake sales and collections, and even roped two of their senior leadership team into donning The Boob. Did we mention they also ran a 5k in their costumes? So far they've raised almost £1500 to support our work. Ladies, we salute you!

image of: Jeanette


Jeanette Website-01 Meet Jeanette, Mayor of Witney and utter boob hero. With the help of her community Jeanette has raised more than £5000 for CoppaFeel! How? By hosting a Christmas wonderland, fundraising with local groups including the West Oxfordshire Academy of Performing Arts and holding the Mayor's Charity Event. Here she is with Boobette and friend Nathalie! We are so thrilled to benefit from all Jeanette's hard work and would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone involved. Take a bow!

image of: Aimi


aimimunrowebsite-01 Let's have a round of applause for today's Tuesday Boob Champion, Boobette Aimi! As well as helping us spread boob-love across Scotland, this lady also knows how to throw a seriously good party. Last month she raised over £1100 in ONE night of food, fun and... psychic activity. Yep, that's right. Aimi held a night with a medium to help raise funds for fellow Boobette Rachel's Fabulous Challenge Trek later this year! What a hero.

image of: Caroline


rsz_carolinefrithboobchamp Last March at age 36 Caroline was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two weeks ago (less than eight months after finishing chemotherapy) Caroline took on the Human Race Triathlon, a gruelling 800m open water swim, 31.8km cycle and 7.5km run. She has raised over £4000 in the process, an incredible sum that will be split between three brilliant charities, one of which is us! We can't say thank you enough, or think of a more deserved boob champ. Caroline, you're an utter legend!

image of: Charlotte


honeywebsite-01 This week's Tuesday Boob Champion loves a challenge, so much so that she's taken on a different one every month for the last 10 months. Meet Charlotte, a lady whose Herculean list of tasks includes having run a marathon, rocked a moustache all November, crocheted a huge boob, worn a wedding dress every day throughout June and, most recently, completed a Wing Walk. Phew.

image of: Amanda


amandagreatnorthswim-01 This week's Tuesday Boob Champion is one multi-talented lady. Meet Amanda, Boobette, long-distance swimmer and fundraiser extraordinaire. Amanda raised more than £1500 for us by jumping into a (freezing cold) lake and swimming across it. And it wasn't just any old lake, it was the bloomin' massive Lake Windermere. This lady is an absolute trooper - we couldn't think of a more worthy Boob Champion!

image of: Eve’s Little Helpers

Eve’s Little Helpers

TheTeamPhotoweb-01 What makes a Tuesday Boob Champion? Commitment? Creativity? the ability to walk 10 miles in a onesie? This lovely lot did just that (as well as holding a sponsored swim, face painting and cake sales) to support the wonderful Eve Hazelton, who - you might have heard - finished her year in fancy dress last week. Not only did they raise nearly £650 in the process - they also managed to keep the whole thing a secret. Lets have a round of applause for Arlen, Mireia, Steph, Katie, Emily & Elouise!

image of: Team Inspired4Life

Team Inspired4Life

IMG_0738 Today’s Boob Champions are a group of fellas who decided to smash the World Record for the longest 5-a-side football match as part of Inspired 4 Life - a project set up by an amazing man called Kaveh Fatemian. That’s 56 hours of football. NON STOP. And not only that, they’ve so far raised over £12,000 for us and Cancer Research UK! Kaveh, Bob, Craig, Sam, Daniel, Martin, Stuart, Iain, Steve, Dami, Matt, David, George, Reece, Joe and Tom - we are in awe. Now get some sleep!

image of: Carl Keith Salons

Carl Keith Salons

carl-keith-salons-rainhill-liverpool-01 Can we get a drum roll please? We're very excited to introduce our Tuesday Boob Champions, the brilliant staff, bakers and bikers from Carl Keith Salons who, amongst other things, baked up  storm and took on the Trans Pennine trail to raise £1227 for us! Here's a huge thank you for supporting our life-saving work!

image of: The IPM Awards

The IPM Awards

IPM Today's Tuesday Boob Champions are the bloomin' brilliant people who attended last week's IPM awards and raised over £21,000 for us in the process. Not only did they take part in an fierce competition of Boobs and Bums, they also cartwheeled and breakdanced their way to an EPIC sum that beat last year's total by more than double! Seriously, take a bow people!

image of: Tahnée Seagrave

Tahnée Seagrave

tahnee boob champ Our Tuesday Boob Champion this week can be none other than this amazing lady, Tahnée Seagrave, who not only did us Brits proud by coming second at the UCI World Cup in Fort William at the weekend but her campaign #COPPARIDE also raised £10,000 for CoppaFeel! A HUGE thank you goes out to everyone who got behind the campaign, including Tahnée's amazing family, Fox Head Europe, all the generous sponsors for donating prizes and of course everyone who entered the competition.

image of: Alex Deverell

Alex Deverell

Alex Deverell website This is Alex, and today we're crowning her our Tuesday Boob Champion. Why? Aside from the small matter of shaving her head in aid of us, Alex has single-handedly raised more than £3000 for CoppaFeel! - funds that will support our life-saving work. Alex, we salute you!  

image of: The Hilly Hundred Conquerors

The Hilly Hundred Conquerors

hilly hundred 2015 team boob champ What makes a Tuesday Boob Champion? A love of fancy dress, padded shorts and some very strong cycling legs. Looks like these guys made the cut. Massive congratulations to all our Hilly Hundred conquerors! To check out the photos from the weekend, click here. And if you're up for it, come join us next year!

image of: Glasgow 10k-ers

Glasgow 10k-ers

11063763_10152884849867671_5913393349205529151_o Say hello to our Tuesday Boob Champions - Natalie, Deborah, Vicky, Helen and our very own Boobette Samantha, who laced up and donned a boob for the Glasgow 10k this weekend! Not only did they make the papers , they've also raised over £690 for CoppaFeel! Ladies, we take our hats off to you!

image of: Run Hackney Half-ers

Run Hackney Half-ers

run hackney boob champs This weeks Tuesday Boob Champions are the bloomin' brilliant runners who took on the streets of East London this weekend in aid of CoppaFeel! For smashing Run Hackney in the blazing sun, and raising vital money in the process, we salute you!

image of: Liverpool 10K #TeamBoobs

Liverpool 10K #TeamBoobs

liverpool 10 web This week's Tuesday Boob Champions braved the wet weather and hills of the Liverpool Spring 10k this weekend to raise over £5000 for CoppaFeel! Our team was made up of our very own Kris, Newton Faulkner and a lot of brilliant people. A massive thank you to ‪#‎TeamBoobs‬ for turning out in full force to support a very run-phobic Kris and for all your running and fundraising efforts. To borrow a phrase from one of our favorite Liverpudlians, we've got a lorra, lorra love for you guys!

image of: Boobie 4 Peaks Team

Boobie 4 Peaks Team

cardiff uni boob 4 peaks Three peaks weren't enough for this week's Tuesday Boob Champions, who took on FOUR peaks in aid of CoppaFeel! this weekend! Huge well done to the brilliant Cardiff Uni Boob Team, Pinnacle Letting Agents, LetMC and pals for braving the toughest mountains of Wales, dressed as giant boobs and raising over £3000!

image of: Plymouth Half-ers!

Plymouth Half-ers!

plymouth half nell boob champ How many boobs does it take to run a half marathon? This weekend we had over 100 of them! For smashing 13.1miles of pavement in the blazing sun (with a boob on) this week's Tuesday Boob Champions can only be the brilliant runners who completed the Plymouth Half in aid of us this Sunday. Not only did #TeamBoobs make giant sweaty boobs look awesome, they also raised over £16,000 for us! So here's a huge thank you to our centurion of boobs (boobturion?) for their incredible effort!

image of: Brighton Marathon-ers

Brighton Marathon-ers

boob team brighton marathon Today's Tuesday Boob Champions are the super brilliant Brighton Marathon runners who pounded the pavements this weekend to raise life-saving funds for CoppaFeel! For every stretch, lunge, hop, skip, jump and jog that you put into training and for completing the 26 mile slog, we salute you!

image of: Greenwich UBT

Greenwich UBT

latitude radio_UBT boob champs web This week’s Tuesday Boob Champions are the utterly fantastic Greenwich University Uni Boob Team, headed up by Hannah Woolcott. Throughout this year’s UBT campaign they’ve hosted a range of amazing events from cheerleading and ‘Take Me Out’ to a ‘Mean Girls’ evening and a 48hr take over of Radio Latitude (which alone raised £1678!). Who said students were slackers?!

image of: Amanda


B4B pic1-1 web Having seen both her mum and dad be diagnosed with cancer, Amanda decided to put her trampolining skills to good work and organised a 12 hour bounce off (in giant boobs) at her trampolining club in Beckenham, in support of us and Cancer Research UK. Together with her trampolining buddies from Beckenham Fliers and Crystal Palace, Amanda managed to raise nearly £3,000! AMAZING work you bunch of nutters!

image of: Fancy Mums

Fancy Mums

kate boob champ Kate (second from left) arranged a 'Mum's Fancy Day' with 12 of her mum friends and wore fancy dress for the whole day - on the school run, out shopping, at work, raising over £220 towards her sister Eve's fundraising total. If you’re not aware of Eve’s fancy dress mission yet, you really need to have a look here. We loved this idea so much, we’re crowning Kate and all her mum pals Boob Champs this Tuesday! Good work sistas.

image of: Nicole


Nicole Abdul 2 web Nicole thought running one race wasn’t quite enough so instead she will be running 15 races in 2015, ranging from 10ks to half marathons, all in aid of us! And here she is, having completed her first 10k in Northumberland. Now, who’s feeling a tad lazy? Join Nicole and get those trainers on.

image of: La Moda Events

La Moda Events

La Moda - Casino Royale night_web Maleece, Laura, Danielle, Ellie, Charlotte, Olivia, Louise and Miah make up the La Moda Events team, a group of Fashion students who collectively decided to support CoppaFeel! as part of their degree. With 0 budget, they had to think creatively about how to raise funds for us whilst also reminding fellow students to get to know their boobs. From pub quizzes to a casino royale themed evening, together they raised us over £600 and aced their coursework! Well done ladies!

image of: #TeamBoobs 2015

#TeamBoobs 2015

group photo_boob champ Our Tuesday Boob Champions this week can be none other than our simply awesome Bath Half runners, who did us proud this weekend and have raised us over £15k already! We boob salute you all! To see them in action, check out our photo gallery. Early bird entries for 2016 are open! Set yourself a challenge now and don’t miss out on all the fun next year.

image of: Emma


emmabeenham_web She’s been sporting fancy dress every day this month to raise funds and smiles in the run up to her first marathon in April - the Great Welsh Marathon! Emma is part of the Aberystwyth Uni Boob Team and has been supporting CoppaFeel! ever since a young friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.

image of: Jackie


jackiescully_boobchamp web Having only started running last year as an escape from the side effects of chemotherapy, Jackie will be one of our hundred giant boobs running the Bath Half marathon in less than two weeks! Joining Jackie, will be her friend Alex (a Team Boobs running veteran!), who Jackie has recently been reunited with after 7 years apart, thanks to CoppaFeel!. And together with their friend Fran, they’ve raised over £735 already!

image of: Karen and Lindsay

Karen and Lindsay

karenandlindsay_boobchamps_web These ladies have given up alcohol for the whole of 2015! Their inspiration is their friend Caroline, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has shown nothing but positivity and strength (which is what these ladies will need to get through the year!). They’ve raised over £500 for us so far and if they succumb to the alcohol, they have to double their fundraising total. Cheers to that!

image of: Ruth


ruth taylor_boob champ_web This is Ruth. And today we’re crowning her our Tuesday Boob Champion. That’s because she’s been doing amazing things to support our work - from clothes and toys swaps, tea and cake sales to running the Bath Half and Plymouth half marathon. She’s a fundraising trooper, inspired by her super friend Laura Plane (aka our Boobette and Pride of Plymouth!). Ruth, you’re brill.