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100km across the Sahara Desert

05 December 2022

This November, 120 trekkers joined Giovanna Fletcher, Vicky Pattison, Pete Wicks, Kelsey Parker, Candice Brown, and Doctor Emeka in the Sahara Desert… Why? To take on the mental and physical challenge of 100km (106km to be precise) all in the name of boobs.

And wow, did they smash it. Our Sahara Desert trekkers have raised over £620,000 and counting, which means that – combined with the wonderful Pembrokeshire trekkers – over £1 million has been raised in 2022 from the treks. Yep, you read that right, one million.

While we take a moment to recover, why don’t you check out the highlights below (filmed by Marco Barcella, The Creative) and hear from the trekkers themselves. And if you want to get involved in CoppaTrek! with Gi 2023, just click below to register your interest, and be the first to receive any trek updates.

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