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Boob HQ’s response: COVID-19

13 March 2020

Our response

It won’t be a surprise to anyone that at Boob HQ, we are all about encouraging people to be proactive about their health and empowering them to take positive steps to protect it. In light of the recent developments with Coronavirus (COVID-19) and to ensure we continue to live out our mantra, we have taken the decision to adapt our ways of working to allow our community to proactively look after themselves in the coming weeks. 

What does this mean?

Our team will now be working remotely to ensure they don’t have to face a busy commute and can keep focused on doing their best to educate you on the importance of coppin’ a feel. This means that any material orders may be delayed due to the current situation and more time should be allowed for delivery. Please keep an eye on our website for more information. 

Our volunteers have now been told to step back from duties for the rest of this month, to ensure they can equally do what they need to look after themselves and their families. We will be keeping an eye on the situation and hope to get all Boobettes and Uni Boob Teams back to their duties as soon as we know more. If you have an event or activity that will be affected, we will do our best to provide an alternative way to raise awareness or reschedule events as soon as we are able. A member of the team will be in touch with you to discuss next steps. 

Our presence at events may be reduced whilst we assess the situation, however a member of the Boob Team will be in touch with organisers or supporters where necessary to communicate this and plan accordingly. If you are a CoppaFeel! Volunteer and have questions about an event, please get in touch with your main contact at Boob HQ.

Wanting more information?

Check out our FAQs page, which may help you to find the answers you are looking for.

Get in touch with us via our enquiry form if you have any other questions about our work or events 🙂

If you have been affected by cancer and are worried about Coronavirus or would like more information, we would recommend visiting the trusted sites below:



Advice about the virus and steps you should be taking to look after yourself. 



Guidance and FAQs addressing the concerns of those people living with cancer, people living beyond cancer, and their friends and family. 


Finally, wondering what to do in the event of a lockdown?

We recommend checking your boobs and pecs of course 😉 But on a more serious note, here’s our top recommendations for keeping entertained…

  1. Catching up on all those Netflix series you have been meaning to watch – our team have been hooked on Love is Blind (so bad it’s good). 
  2. Check out our World Book Day recommendations here, they may or may not contain references to boobs!
  3. We love a good old quiz, so why not find out which female pop star you are, which strange food you should try or find out how much FRIEND’s knowledge you really have (more than you care to admit – we hear ya!)

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