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Bye Bye Boob Cube!

12 March 2020

Those of you who saw the earlier years of the Summer Boob Tour may remember the magnificent Boob Cube. She travelled the nation to festivals, providing us with a place to talk to thousands of festival goers, an amazing tool to raise awareness of boob and pec checking and occasionally an emergency tent for the Boob team to sleep in!

Unfortunately after years of dedicated service the Boob Cube retired with grace in 2019 to pave the way for our new BoobMobile to roam the country spreading awareness.

The last thing we wanted to do was to send the Boob Cube to landfill and that is where the amazing team at Wyatt and Jack stepped forward to bring her back to life and continue raising awareness in a new way. They run an Inflatable Amnesty, taking broken inflatables and retired bouncy castles and repurposing them to create unique products we love whilst reducing waste.

Wyatt and Jack have created an INCREDIBLE limited edition range of bags made from the Boob Cube itself! From the sale of each individually numbered bag Wyatt and Jack will donate back to CoppaFeel! and also include a QR code linked to our boob checking information so that you can brag about your new purchase to your friends whilst spreading awareness all at once! WIN WIN.

We can’t tell you how excited we are about this range; a chance for you to own a true piece of CoppaFeel! history as we retire the Boob Cube thanks to our amazing supporters and achieve even greater things with the Boob Mobile.

Wyatt and Jack are an amazingly creative team and they understand you need to be out there grabbing life by the boobs wildly, so if you bust a zip or break a seam whilst doing so they will repair your bag free of charge, see we told you they were pretty incredible!

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