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Responding to the Sewell Report

18 April 2021

Given the recent Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities in the UK and the subsequent findings of the Sewell Report, we wanted to issue a statement to acknowledge the unrest many of our beneficiaries may be feeling.

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Share your story

02 April 2021

We know that stories have the power to change behaviours and save lives. We especially want to hear from young people who have had a breast cancer experience and are Black, from the South Asian community, living with a disability (visible or invisible), trans or non-binary. Click for more info or to get in touch.

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CoppaFeel! X Missoma Nipple Jewellery

01 April 2021

Missoma X CoppaFeel! jewellery coming to a nipple near you. Pre-order the exclusive range today 💎

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A response to Sarah Harding’s Diagnosis

17 March 2021

You may have seen in the news that Sarah Harding has written about dismissing a change in her boobs. The “denial” Sarah felt is something we know a lot of young people experience, and we want to provide reassurance for those who have noticed a change. Here’s our guide to what to do if you’ve noticed something unusual.

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‘I was diagnosed with breast cancer twice’ – Rhiannon’s Story

17 March 2021

After already going through treatment for thyroid cancer and a breast cancer diagnosis, Rhiannon was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time. We had a chat to Rhiannon about her experience and her relationship to her chest.

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Mother’s Day Goodies

03 March 2021

This Mother’s Day, we’re spreading our arms wide and showing some love to the mum in our lives- whether it’s a parent, colleague, friend or housemate. The great news is, our brilliant brand breasties are on hand to help!

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‘I thought I was wasting the doctor’s time’ – Fran’s Story

01 March 2021

Fran was diagnosed with breast cancer at 25, over a year after a lump she had discovered was dismissed as hormonal. She tells her story and explains why no-one should ever be embarrassed about getting something checked out.

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World Cancer Day with Animade

16 February 2021

For World Cancer Day this year, we worked with award winning animation studio, Animade, to bring you #StopAndCoppaFeel. The three animations were aimed to inspire people to be unafraid and take action by calling their doctor if they find any concerning changes to their chest.

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Valentine’s Day Collaborations

27 January 2021

We’ve paired up with some awesome brands to bring you the perfect Valentine’s Day goodies! Why not take a look?

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The end-of-year review we were a little too tired to do.

15 January 2021

We’re casting our minds all the way back to January 2020 and reflecting on the past year at Boob HQ!

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