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18 October 2020

We’ve collaborated with PopSockets as part of their Poptivism initiative to bring you a unique range of products that will help keep your phone in your hand and help us remind you to get your hands on your boobs/pecs!

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Simply Be

11 October 2020

We’ve partnered up with Simply Be to bring you Life Changing Lingerie and we can’t wait to show you!

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07 October 2020

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Missoma have teamed up with CoppaFeel! to launch a limited edition t-shirt alongside TV & radio presenter Vick Hope plus model and founder of Squish Charli Howard!

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Lounge Underwear

07 October 2020

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month we are partnering up once again with the lovely boob-supporters over at Lounge Underwear. It’s time to cop a feel… check those boobs, and in the words of Lounge Underwear – #FeelYourBreast. 

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05 October 2020

We’re partnering with PrettyLittleThing to bring you an exclusive collection – as seen on their inspirational girl gang who spread nothing but body positivity!

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‘I was diagnosed during lockdown’ – Cara’s Story

17 September 2020

Cara first got in touch with us after being diagnosed with breast cancer just as lockdown had begun, after noticing a lump in one of her breasts. We had a chat to Cara about her experience and the realities of breast cancer during Covid. 

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‘Don’t be afraid to get checked out’ – Sara’s Story

18 August 2020

Sara contacted her GP during lockdown after finding a lump when checking her boobs. She encourages anyone who notices a change to do the same.

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I found a lump whilst I was pregnant – Lizzi’s Story

06 August 2020

Lizzi got in contact with us after finding a lump whilst she was pregnant. Knowing it wasn’t normal for her, she asked to be seen by the doctor and was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 29. This is her story.

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The ‘C-Weed’ – Ellie’s Story

31 July 2020

Ellie was 28 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After being prompted by a CoppaFeel! Instagram post, Ellie checked her boobs to find something that wasn’t normal for her. She spoke to us about her story and finding the positive in her experience.

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The New Normal

29 July 2020

Times may be changing quickly, but we’re here to help you adapt. Think of us as an online agony aunt with a very unique specialism in covid and cancer, and some friends in high places (also known as the Medical Advisory Group) who’re on hand to help you at any time.

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