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Bye Bye Boob Cube!

12 March 2020

What happens when you have an inflatable boob cube that you can no longer use? You turn it into a bunch of festival gear, that’s what. Find out how the genius bunch at Wyatt and Jack made it happen.

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Meet The Women Grabbing Life

04 March 2020

To celebrate International Women’s Day we put the call out for talented illustrators and artists to help us design a limited-edition range of sustainably made t-shirts and tote bags, and these are the winning women.

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10 years of CoppaFeel!

05 April 2019

This year marks CoppaFeel!’s 10th Birthday and a decade of reminding the UK to get to know their boobs. In celebration our Patrons Greg James and Dermot O Leary hosted an intimate supper-club at the beautiful Sessions House.

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Meet The Illustrators

23 March 2019

Earlier this month we launched a limited edition t-shirt collection in celebration of International Women’s Day and our feel yourself philosophy. We were stoked to collaborate with ten awesome illustrators and the folk at Print Social to bring you a collection worth breaking the bank for. We spoke to this bunch of Boob Champs about why they got involved.

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Avon, we love ya

04 December 2018

It’s been just over a year since we started working with today’s Boob Champs, and in that time the team at Avon have gone above and beyond in the name of norks. So today we want to say a great big thank you.

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Festifeel 2018: you were EPIC!

10 October 2018

A week on and we have just about recovered from Festifeel. If you came, saw and partied, you’ll know it was a monumentally epic occasion and we couldn’t be happier with how it went down. Here are some of our highlights.

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Boom Cycle

25 June 2018

Today’s Boob Champions like bikes almost as much as we like boobs. We spoke to Hilary Rowland,  Creative Director of Boom Cycle, about why they’ve chosen to get sweaty to support our charity.

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Callie – Being a UBT leader is the best job in the world!

17 May 2018

For the last year Callie has been heading up the Uni Boob Team at Cardiff university, and it’s fair to say she’s smashed it. We spoke to her about balancing the boob team with third year uni life, and why she’s not looked back once.

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03 May 2018

Our #BraHijack reminder labels have been gracing lingerie since 2013, when we first started asking the great-and-good of the underwear world to help us get the bra-wearing public of Britain checking their boobs. Since then we’ve been lucky enough to partner with some awesome brands, including Today’s Boob Champions, MAAREE.

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Sandra – a very special nurse

03 May 2018

We usually celebrate our boob champs on a Tuesday, but today we’re breaking with tradition because it’s Nurses Day and we have a very special person to thank: meet Sandra!

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