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CoppaFeel! BBC Radio 4 Appeal

21 July 2022

CoppaFeel! are thrilled to be the focus of this week’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal. Hear more from our founder and donate today.

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A Brief History of…Volunteering in the name of boobs

16 June 2022

One week on from Volunteers’ Week, we talk to Kris about the history of volunteering at CoppaFeel! and where she sees it going next.

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Emilia’s 4 Reasons to Become a Uni Boob Team Leader

24 May 2022

Thinking of becoming your university’s next Uni Boob Team leader? UBT leader Emilia shares her experience of leading her team and sharing the chest-checking message on campus (with the help of their boob costumes Bob & Barry)

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Support our CoppaTrek! with Gi Pembrokeshire Trekkers

05 May 2022

Next month, Giovanna Fletcher, Megan Jayne Crabbe, Sophie Piper and over 100 supporters will trek 100km across the Pembrokeshire coastline raising awareness and funds for CoppaFeel! Find out how you can support the challenge.

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World Health Day 2022

07 April 2022

CoppaFeel!’s Health Information Manager Clare chats to us about World Health Day 2022, getting to know your body, and trusting your gut instincts.

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Meet ‘Invisimitt’

01 April 2022

The tanning mitts to help you check your tits! The latest in tanning mitt technology brought to you by Skinny Tan and CoppaFeel!. Our new ‘Real Touch Technology’ responds to the movement and heat of your skin to give you the sensation of touching your breasts with your finger tips.

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