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‘My twin sister and I were both diagnosed with breast cancer’ – Jodi’s story

13 September 2021

Jodi was diagnosed with breast cancer just two years after her twin sister also received a diagnosis, despite not having any genetic link. Jodi chatted to us about her and experience and how she found comfort knowing that her twin sister had already dealt with treatment.

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‘I found a lump while I was breastfeeding’ – Rebecca’s Story

24 August 2021

Rebecca had been breastfeeding for two years when she came across a lump on her breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rebecca spoke to us about why she decided to visit her doctor and why early detection is so important.

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‘Breast cancer during pregnancy can happen’ – Lucy’s Story

11 August 2021

Lucy was 32, and 18 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. We spoke to Lucy about her experience of breast cancer during pregnancy.

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“I’ve always checked my chest regardless of my dysphoria” – Billy-Joe’s Story

30 July 2021

Billy-Joe found a lump aged 24 and has learnt to overcome the barriers and dysphoria that may have prevented regular checking and early detection.

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“I felt listened to and safe in the knowledge that all avenues were being explored” – Jane’s story

19 July 2021

We spoke to Jane about their experience of a scare aged 25, and how their experience with the GP left them feeling safe and listened to.

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“Something didn’t feel normal during my regular check”- Bethan’s Story

07 July 2021

During a routine self-check, 25-year-old Bethan noticed something wasn’t quite right. Bethan tells us why she decided to visit her doctor, and her advice for anyone who notices something that’s not normal for them.

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