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“I’ve always checked my chest regardless of my dysphoria” – Billy-Joe’s Story

30 July 2021

Billy-Joe found a lump aged 24 and has learnt to overcome the barriers and dysphoria that may have prevented regular checking and early detection.

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“I felt listened to and safe in the knowledge that all avenues were being explored” – Jane’s story

19 July 2021

We spoke to Jane about their experience of a scare aged 25, and how their experience with the GP left them feeling safe and listened to.

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“Something didn’t feel normal during my regular check”- Bethan’s Story

07 July 2021

During a routine self-check, 25-year-old Bethan noticed something wasn’t quite right. Bethan tells us why she decided to visit her doctor, and her advice for anyone who notices something that’s not normal for them.

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“You’re not invincible just because you’re in your 20’s!” – Tabby’s Story

11 June 2021

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 26, Tabby now uses her channels to encourage other people to regularly check themselves. Tabby tells us what she did when she noticed something unusual, and why it’s important to check, even in your twenties.

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“When I was 21, I was diagnosed with breast cancer” – Lorna’s Story

09 June 2021

Lorna was unaware that breast cancer could affect younger people until she was diagnosed at the age of 21. Lorna chatted to us about what led her to visit her GP and what advice she might give to someone who has found something unusual.

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‘It’s important to stand up for yourself’ – Nahila’s Story

28 May 2021

Nahila was 34 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, in the midst of the pandemic. After noticing an inversion on her breast, Nahila spoke to us about why she decided to get a second opinion, and why people can often feel reluctant to talk about breast cancer within the South Asian community. 

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“Breast cancer can affect you regardless of your age or background” – Tasha’s Story

13 May 2021

When Tasha discovered she had a hereditary link to breast cancer, she decided to speak to her doctor to find out more about her risk. Tasha talked to us about how she found out more and why she thinks it’s important for people to be aware of breast cancer.

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‘I wasn’t aware that breast cancer could affect all genders’ – Ollie’s Story

19 April 2021

Ollie was 21 when he found a lump in the shower. We spoke to Ollie about his experience navigating breast cancer and why he feels it’s so important for people to be aware that breast cancer affects all genders.

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Share your story

02 April 2021

We know that stories have the power to change behaviours and save lives. We especially want to hear from young people who have had a breast cancer experience and are Black, from the South Asian community, living with a disability (visible or invisible), trans or non-binary. Click for more info or to get in touch.

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‘I was diagnosed with breast cancer twice’ – Rhiannon’s Story

17 March 2021

After already going through treatment for thyroid cancer and a breast cancer diagnosis, Rhiannon was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time. We had a chat to Rhiannon about her experience and her relationship to her chest.

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