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Stephanie – Boob Bot helped me find a lump

04 May 2020

Stephanie got in touch with CoppaFeel! in February 2020, after she used our Boob Bot to check herself, and noticed a change in one of her breasts. We spoke to her about getting to know her normal and finding the confidence to get her lump checked out. 

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Emily – because of CoppaFeel! I knew this wasn’t normal

29 April 2020

After following CoppaFeel! on social media, Emily started checking her boobs, and in the autumn of 2019, aged 34, she noticed a lump, which would eventually be diagnosed as breast cancer. We spoke to Emily about her experience.

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Callie – Being a UBT leader is the best job in the world!

17 May 2018

For the last year Callie has been heading up the Uni Boob Team at Cardiff university, and it’s fair to say she’s smashed it. We spoke to her about balancing the boob team with third year uni life, and why she’s not looked back once.

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Tracey – I thought I was too young for breast cancer

03 April 2018

Someone asked me whether I would go back and change what happened to me, if i could. The truth is, I wouldn’t. I wish I could change the outcome of my treatment, but my diagnosis has made me a better person and working with CoppaFeel! has given me a positive focus.

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Jimmy – losing Laura inspired me to get my jog on

15 March 2018

Today’s Boob Champion doesn’t know how to do things by halves. It’s a sentiment he shares with his friend Laura, our long-time Boobette and fundraising dynamo, who died last year after living with secondary breast cancer. Having experienced Laura’s dedication to the boob-loving cause first hand, Jimmy was determined to do something EPIC to continue her legacy.

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Holly – Why I started a Uni Boob Team

09 March 2018

Today’s Boob Champion is being recognised for her outstanding contribution to boobs. Not content with taking on 13.1miles in the name of norks, Holly’s also been lending a hand at Boob HQ. We spoke to her about why she’s so committed to spreading the boob word.

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Jo – marking the end of chemo with a (Fabulous) Challenge

27 February 2018

Less than a year after finishing chemotherapy, Jo trekked across Oman for our charity, raising more than £4000 to support our work. She talks to us about taking on a gruelling challenge in the name of boobs and why she’d do it all again tomorrow if she had the chance!

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Kris & Maren – why CoppaFeel! had to exist

16 February 2018

On the 19th of February 2009, a 23 year old Kris was diagnosed with breast cancer. Three months later she and her sister Maren set up our charity. Today marks nine years since Kris’ diagnosis and a lot has happened in that time. So we thought we’d speak to the people who started it all about the highs, lows and “never again’s” of the last nine years.

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Aimi – dealing with genetic breast cancer

08 February 2018

Today’s Boob Champion is our Boobette Aimi. Aimi carries the faulty BRAC1 gene and has been an ambassador for our charity since 2014. She tells us about preventative surgery, her tartan boob called Fred and what motivated her to walk 25 miles to raise funds for our charity.

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Shae: Life as a Uni Boob Team Leader

05 February 2018

Today’s Boob Champion is Shae, art student and Uni Boob Team leader. We spoke to her about student campaigning, boob based exhibitions and opening her own Etsy shop.

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