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‘I was working on a cancer ward when I was diagnosed’ – Sophie’s Story

13 April 2022

Sophie, 26, had been working as a nurse on a cancer ward for four years when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but was still shocked that someone as young as herself could be affected. We spoke to Sophie about her diagnosis and why she encourages everyone to get anything abnormal checked out.

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Share your story

23 January 2022

We know that stories have the power to change behaviours and save lives. We especially want to hear from young people who have had a breast cancer experience and are Black, from the South Asian community, living with a disability (visible or invisible), trans or non-binary. Click for more info or to get in touch.

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“I was adamant I wanted to see the doctor again” – Charlotte’s Story

21 January 2022

Charlotte was 20 years old when she first noticed something unusual for her. After visiting the doctor and having some exploratory surgery that didn’t show any signs of concern, Charlotte later found a lump in her breast and decided to re-visit the GP to get it checked out. We spoke about to Charlotte about why she felt nervous returning to the doctor, but was adamant to get checked out again.

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“My CoppaFeel! shower sticker prompted me to check” – Ella’s Story

20 December 2021

During one of her regular checks prompted by a CoppaFeel! shower sticker, Ella came across something unusual in her chest. After being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, she chatted to us about how she tries to keep as much normality as possible and why you should take the power into your own hands.

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‘I was diagnosed at 24, and 29’ – Laura’s story

26 November 2021

Laura was 24 when she found something unusual during one of her regular chest checks. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Laura was diagnosed for a second time five years later, just before Covid-19 took hold. Laura spoke to us about her experience and what her advice would be to her 24-year old self. 

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“I was young and healthy when I was diagnosed” – Sukhy’s Story

18 November 2021

Sukhy was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 35 after discovering a painful lump in her breast. Sukhy spoke to us about how her experience has changed her relationship with her body and mental health, and why she would always recommend getting something unusual checked out.

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