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Real Stories: Ella

21 September 2022

Ella was 28 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and was unaware that it could affect someone of her age. Watch Ella’s video to hear what happened when she visited her doctor, and why she recommends taking a look at CoppaFeel!’s resources.

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Real Stories: Lucy

23 August 2022

Lucy was 18 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Watch Lucy’s video to hear more about her story, and why she believes it’s so important to be aware of your breasts during pregnancy.

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Real Stories: Zoe

29 July 2022

Zoe was diagnosed with breast cancer at 23 and now volunteers as a Boobette for CoppaFeel!, sharing her experience and encouraging other young people to get to know their bodies. Watch Zoe’s video to hear her story.

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“I knew what was normal for me” – Emily’s story

26 July 2022

Emily was 23 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer after finding a lump in her breast. Emily spoke to us about how she got to know what was normal for her, and why she wants to share her experience to help other young people.

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Real Stories: Gabby & Joel

24 June 2022

Gabriella & Joel both tested positive for the BRCA gene mutation in their teens. Watch Gabby & Joel’s video to hear them chat about what having the BRCA gene mutation means, and why it’s important that everyone is aware of their body.

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‘I was working on a cancer ward when I was diagnosed’ – Sophie’s Story

13 April 2022

Sophie, 26, had been working as a nurse on a cancer ward for four years when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but was still shocked that someone as young as herself could be affected. We spoke to Sophie about her diagnosis and why she encourages everyone to get anything abnormal checked out.

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