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I found a lump whilst I was pregnant – Lizzi’s Story

06 August 2020

Lizzi got in contact with us after finding a lump whilst she was pregnant. Knowing it wasn’t normal for her, she asked to be seen by the doctor and was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 29. This is her story.

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The ‘C-Weed’ – Ellie’s Story

31 July 2020

Ellie was 28 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After being prompted by a CoppaFeel! Instagram post, Ellie checked her boobs to find something that wasn’t normal for her. She spoke to us about her story and finding the positive in her experience.

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“Breast cancer is still so taboo for young people” – Tapi

23 July 2020

Tapi is a 21 year old student at the University of Edinburgh, where she studies Chemical Engineering. Having lost her mum to Breast Cancer in 2018, she’s passionate about breaking the taboos around breast cancer. This is her story.

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“I’m the youngest person at the breast clinic” – Mary

16 July 2020

Mary got in contact with CoppaFeel! after being diagnosed with breast cancer during lockdown, at the age of 27. She spoke to us about being diagnosed during a pandemic, facing fertility fears and finding a community online.

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“A lot of trans men feel dysphoric about their chest” – Theo

29 June 2020

In 2019, Theo starred in CoppaFeel!’s campaign Grab Life By The Boobs. Theo spoke to us about what it means to check your chest when doing so can trigger dysphoria, and why getting to know your body is all part of the process of transition.

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‘You really do have the power’ – Jess’ Story

01 June 2020

Jess took part in the Grab Life By the Boobs campaign after one of her friends passed away due to breast cancer. Jess is passionate about educating people about the boob-checking message and empowering them to be in control of their bodies. This is her story.

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Stephanie – Boob Bot helped me find a lump

04 May 2020

Stephanie got in touch with CoppaFeel! in February 2020, after she used our Boob Bot to check herself, and noticed a change in one of her breasts. We spoke to her about getting to know her normal and finding the confidence to get her lump checked out. 

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Emily – because of CoppaFeel! I knew this wasn’t normal

29 April 2020

After following CoppaFeel! on social media, Emily started checking her boobs, and in the autumn of 2019, aged 34, she noticed a lump, which would eventually be diagnosed as breast cancer. We spoke to Emily about her experience.

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“Early detection is so important” – Heidi’s Story

22 July 2019

Heidi was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and became involved in the Grab Life By The Boobs campaign as she wanted to encourage other people to get to know their normal and be aware of any changes. Heidi spoke to us about her experience and life after breast cancer.

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Callie – Being a UBT leader is the best job in the world!

17 May 2018

For the last year Callie has been heading up the Uni Boob Team at Cardiff university, and it’s fair to say she’s smashed it. We spoke to her about balancing the boob team with third year uni life, and why she’s not looked back once.

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