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20 March 2020

Fundraise From Home

We know times are tough at the moment, and that lots of us will be adjusting to the financial and social implications of Coronavirus. Despite all the uncertainty, we’re doing our best to stay positive, proactive and to do what we do best…spread boob love! Every penny you donate will help secure our future and ensure we can continue to do our life saving work educating young people. So why not get involved from the comfort of your own home, and raise some vital pennies, (pyjamas optional, but highly recommended).

Support Without Spending a Penny

We appreciate some of you may be on the look out for easy ways to support CoppaFeel! whilst you go about your daily business.

There are some fab platforms who donate when you shop online, so you can support our work whilst tackling your Christmas shopping, ordering a takeaway or even doing your weekly food shop. The best bit is it doesn’t cost you an extra penny as the retailers donate on your behalf!

Find more details here!

On The Go Guide

Looking for a walk through on all things virtual fundraising? Well you’ve come to the right place!

You can find all of the info that you need in our downloadable PDF guide. From getting started to paying in, it covers it all. (We even include some of our fav apps for each event)

Download the PDF here!

Things You Can Do With Friends:

Don’t let self-isolation affect your social life. There are still plenty of ways that you can get involved from home, bringing together all of your nearest and dearest in the process.

  • Share A Cuppa

Why not arrange a video call with your besties for a virtual tea party. Just donate the £ you would have spent on your morning coffee before work.

  • Movie Nights

With the new ‘Netflix Party’ feature, it is easier than ever to start a new series with your besties. (Did someone say a communal Crown binge?!) Simply donate what you would have spent on a cinema ticket!

  • In House Party

Put on your dancing shoes and get that Britney album going. Have a night out from the comfort of your own home and donate what you would have spent at the pub. Bonus points if you master Little Mix choreography.

  • #FormalFridays

Missing your work crew? Can’t remember the last time you put make up on or ironed a shirt? Lets turn dress-down Fridays on their head and up the stakes on Friday’s Zoom meetings. Dress as though you’ve got a big boardroom meeting and all donate what you would have spent on your commute into work or post-work drinks. After a few weeks of lockdown power dressing is the new power napping. 

  • Games Night

Calling all gamers! Turn your evening gaming session into a fundraiser, and the loser has to donate.

  • Birthday Wishes

At Boob HQ we love a birthday celebration. So if your big day is coming up, share it with friends and create a Facebook birthday fundraiser. All of the donations will come straight to CoppaFeel!

  • Spread The Love

Why not share some of the amazing platforms that are already supporting CoppaFeel! with friends.

AmazonSmile to donate a portion of each purchase.

LetsBab for when you see something your friend HAS to buy.

Percent for any of those cheeky takeaways, we’re talking Deliveroo, Wagamamas and Dominos; the works. Just link your card and they donate when you dine! Guilt free gluttony = WIN. 



Things you can do to generate support:

Being stuck at home alone doesn’t have to be boring! There’s still plenty of ways you can get involved from the comfort of your sofa! Check out our ideas below or create your own way to keep busy!

  • Fitness Class

Know a thing or two about the yoga mat? Why not host a virtual class and share your moves with your friends? Keep fit, have some fun and support CoppaFeel! all from the comfort of your living room!

  • Got a talent you can share?

Are you a crochet queen? The best baker in town? A dab hand at piano? Why not share your skills online for a small donation? Set up a video and invite people to join and learn your epic skills, whilst sharing the love and making a few extra pounds for CoppaFeel! Millie from Boob HQ is currently teaching friends to play the keyboard via FaceTime, what a babe.

  • Nominate us!

Kindness makes the world go round so why not make us your school, university, gym or company’s fundraising cause of choice? Ask your teacher/society/PT or HR team on our behalf and help us reach even more people with CoppaFeel! messaging. Our pals at Fitness Box recently cycled the distance to the moon and back, raising over £2k all thanks to the lovely Lucy who had a word with her PT. Thanks team!

  • Spare your unwanted items

Remember that jumper that’s been hanging around that you’ve never worn? Why not sell it online and donate a portion to CoppaFeel!? Not only are you clearing up, but someone else can enjoy something new! Don’t just stop at clothes, clear out those cupboards!

  • Challenge Yourself!

Do you fancy an in-house challenge?! What about a stepathon up and down your stairs? A dance-a-thon in your living room! Or even cycling on a static bike? See what challenges you can conquer in your own home! 

  • Lend a helping hand

We’ve seen lots of you kind folk helping out your neighbours and community recently. If they insist on paying for your kindness, how about donating it to CoppaFeel! and passing the love on!



Have your own great idea?

We always love to hear creative, new ideas about how you want to fundraise, so let us know!

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