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Holly – Why I started a Uni Boob Team

09 March 2018

Today’s Boob Champion is being recognised for her outstanding contribution to boobs. Not content with taking on 13.1miles in the name of norks, Holly’s also been lending a hand at Boob HQ to help us mail out fundraising packs. We spoke to her about carb loading in France, joining the team at Boob Towers, and why she decided to pound the Parisian pavements for CoppaFeel!

What made you decide to run the Paris Half?

I love playing sports and have never challenged myself to do anything like this before so thought that it would be an incredible way to raise money and awareness for an incredible charity! I won’t lie, I definitely didn’t think through the decision before I made it… I was sitting in a cafe on a rainy afternoon and saw the event whilst scrolling through the CoppaFeel! website and thought “why not!” Before I could change my mind I’d submitted the form, and I am so glad that I did!

You recently came in to help out at Boob HQ, what did you get up to?

It was so much fun! I felt welcome instantly and had a lot of fun packing fundraising packs whilst being offered a cup of tea every ten minutes! It was a really nice break from university life to come and help out with little tasks and everyone was so lovely to me and appreciative of what I was doing. It definitely felt like I had walked into a cosy, boob-themed tea party!

Do you think there’s still a need to raise awareness about breast cancer? Why?

Absolutely! Before I heard about CoppaFeel! I had no idea that i should be checking my boobs regularly and didn’t know anything about the symptoms to be aware of.  The thing is, I am definitely not the only one like that! I talk about boobs a lot to my friends and people at university and there is a HUGE amount of people who, just like me, didn’t know that they should be regularly checking their boobs and don’t feel sure about what to do if they notice a change! I’ve also found that people are regularly shocked when they hear that breast cancer also affects young people and that men can also get breast cancer. So, yes, definitely, there is still a need to raise awareness of breast cancer, we need to keep spreading the boob love!

What was the most challenging thing about your experience?

The most challenging part of all this was probably before the race itself… I had a little wobble and called my mum crying a week before the race because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to run it because I have never run anywhere near the distance before and didn’t have very long to train at all (33 days!). However, she reminded me why I was doing it and that definitely spurred me on! The day before the race was also quite challenging as the nerves suddenly hit me but I had a friend to calm me down and the excitement of Paris to distract me.

What was the best thing about the experience?

Crossing the finish line! There were definitely a few tears because I had finally done it! Actually being able to run the entire thing was definitely a big positive – I couldn’t believe that I had done it. However, probably the most positive thing about it all was that in the weeks leading up to the Half Marathon I had lots of people come up to me and tell me that they had educated themselves on the signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer and that they were going to regularly check their boobs! People coming up and chatting about Team Boobs and asking about CoppaFeel!’s work was a big highlight and one that I didn’t expect to happen when I signed up for the challenge. I didn’t expect for people to take that much notice and it definitely inspired me to keep going and to keep spreading the CoppaFeel! message throughout my training.


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