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Jo – marking the end of chemo with a (Fabulous) Challenge

27 February 2018

Jo Price

Less than a year after finishing chemotherapy, Jo trekked across Oman for our charity, raising more than £4000 to support our work. She talks to us about her reasons for taking on an extreme challenge in the name of boobs and why she’d do it all again tomorrow if she had the chance!

Why did you decide to take on the Fabulous Challenge last year?

There are so many reasons, but I’ll try to summarise! My mum died of breast cancer when she was 53. I was just 21 years old at the time and will never recover from the loss. Since having children of my own, I’ve been terrified by the thought of getting breast cancer and leaving my beautiful girls in the same position as I was. So you can imagine how shocked and devastated we all were when me and my 28 year old cousin were diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer within 6 months of each other. Luckily for both of us we knew our boobs well and noticed symptoms early. I want to make sure others do too.

Tell us more about the trek and how you prepared…

I trekked across Oman in the name of ‘boobs’ less than a year after my last chemo treatment! It was the most positive, empowering, emotional, life-changing experience of my life. To try and drum up funds I created a game that was a bit like the lottery but with boobs. Naturally I called it Lottertitty and happily it raised LOADS of money! I also held a quiz night and several glitter events and altogether I raised over £4K which was beyond anything I could have dreamed of.

Why did you want to help CoppaFeel! raise awareness of breast cancer?

Because I still meet women who think they’re too young to get breast cancer and so don’t check their boobs, or who do check their boobs but get fobbed off by medical professionals. Even though I have a strong family history of breast cancer I was told it was probably nothing. More education is crucial for women, men, GP’s, nurses and consultants to feel confident in noticing (and diagnosing) symptoms.

What was the most challenging thing about your experience?

It was physically more challenging than I could ever have prepared for! It was also challenging (in a really good way) meeting 60 new people and having to bond with them very quickly.

What was the best thing about your experience?

There are too many highlights to mention! The best things were having the chance to raise money and awareness of something so close to my heart, the chance to meet new people, the chance to meet Giovanna Fletcher (what a doll!) and the chance to do something so positive during what could have been a very difficult post-treatment year. I would do it all again tomorrow!

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