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Guys, get clued up on male breast cancer!

04 November 2019

Breast Cancer in Men

It’s a common misconception that breast cancer only affects women. But the reality is, around 400 men are diagnosed each year in the UK, so whatever your age or gender, it’s really important to get to know what’s normal for your body and be aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

We’ve collaborated with graphic designer Eleanor Smith to make sure men aren’t being excluded from the breast cancer conversation. Watch and learn.

The low-down

Male breast cancer usually occurs in men over 60, but can very occasionally affect younger men. Whatever your age, getting to know your body is important so you’re in the best position to notice any changes at an an early stage, and see your doctor about it. Check out the signs to be aware of below and if you do spot something, make an appointment to see your GP.

While breast cancer in men is relatively uncommon, if you’re concerned about a change to your pecs you should always visit your GP. This is especially important if you become aware of:

  • a lump in your breast.
  • any other worrying symptoms mentioned above.
  • a history of breast cancer (in males or females) in close members of your family and you’re concerned about your risk.


Knowing your body could save your life, so get yourself clued up and don’t be afraid to grab today by the pecs. Once you’ve done that, spread the word with the guys in your life by sharing the animation below or downloading our posters

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