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Support our CoppaTrek! with Gi Pembrokeshire Trekkers

05 May 2022

Next month, Giovanna Fletcher, Megan Jayne Crabbe, Sophie Piper and over 100 dedicated CoppaFeel! supporters will be trekking 100km in five days along the Pembrokeshire coastline raising awareness and funds for CoppaFeel!, proudly supported by Regatta Great Outdoors.  

This is no small feat – by day, this courageous lot will be trekking for over 10 hours across the beautiful cliffs, beaches and coves, taking on some of the most challenging sections of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. And despite the unpredictable Welsh weather, you’ll find Giovanna, Megan, Sophie and the team camping under the stars by night. 

Leading the CoppaFeel! treks every year is genuinely a highlight for me. It is a huge challenge, even more so this year training with a fractured ankle, but one that I am so proud to conquer alongside such an incredible and inspiring group of people. Going back to Wales two years after being crowned Queen of the Castle will be so special, and I am hoping it will be slightly warmer in June than it was in November!”

Giovanna Fletcher, CoppaFeel! Patron and CoppaTrek! with Gi Captain

Last year’s trek to the Scottish Highlands raised a whopping £450,000 and this year, our trekkers aim to raise even more to help CoppaFeel! continue to educate young people about the importance of getting to know their bodies. If caught early, breast cancer can be very treatable, which is why early detection is so important.

Click below to support and donate towards the CoppaTrek! with Gi challenge, and help CoppaFeel! ensure everyone has the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer.


“We are so excited to see Giovanna and the team take on another gruelling trek for CoppaFeel! in Pembrokeshire. What the trek team does, not only raises vital funds, but also starts the conversations that save lives. By talking about breast cancer, noticing changes in your body and how to check your chest regularly, we are able to help people put their health first and initiate potentially life-saving early intervention. We can’t wait to see everyone cross the finish line.”

Natalie Haskell, CoppaFeel!’s CEO

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