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The New Normal

29 July 2020

Advice from our Medical Advisory Group

CoppaFeel!’s Medical Advisory Group are here to support our team in reminding, educating and empowering the nation to check their boobs. During lockdown, members of the M.A.G. have appeared on your social feeds to offer their guidance. We spoke to Adam, Sandra and Vickki about how their work has changed during this pandemic, and what advice they’d give to people who’ve noticed a change, are going through treatment at the moment, or have other concerns about cancer during COVID-19.


Dr Adam Heetun

Senior Surgical Doctor

“It has been a difficult and challenging time for all of us and you have been doing your best to stay at home and maintain social distancing.  Thank you for doing that.  A lot of you will be understandably worried about accessing medical care during these unprecedented times.  We want to reassure you that if you have any concerns about your breasts, we are still here for you.”

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Sandra Smith

Ex-Practise Nurse | Pharmaceutical Representative 

Please be reassured that surgeries are open for all your healthcare needs but be aware it will not currently be in the way you are used to, the practice staff are working hard to ensure it is safe for you to be seen if this is necessary. Do continue to contact your surgery if you have a concern about your health, don’t delay because of the current situation.

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Dr Victoria Harmer

Consultant Breast Nurse

We’ve taken all sorts of measures to make sure both staff and patients walking through our doors are safe. At the entrance to the hospital there is a station where you are given a mask, and required to gel your hands – much like some shops are doing. We are also asking that people come alone to their appointments, have adjusted numbers of people we see in clinics, and distanced the chairs in waiting areas.

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Signs, symptoms & changes to your chest

Worried about a change to your boobs or pecs during lockdown? We’ve got some useful resources to help you work out what’s normal, identify anything unusual, and help you with speaking to a doctor, if you need to.

The signs and symptoms of breast cancer

Get the low-down on the signs you need to be aware of when checking your chest.

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Boob Bot

Want some tailored guidance on boob or pec checking? Our Boob Bot can walk you through a check in real time, and will advise on what to do if you notice changes.

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Speaking to a doctor

If you are worried about an unusual change in your boobs or pecs during this period, the NHS still wants to hear from you. Here’s what to expect.

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The New Normal Experts

As we adjust to life beyond lockdown, we wanted to share this film from our friends at Beyond Arts. Having experienced cancer and isolation before Covid, these ‘new normal experts’ gave some sage advice on living through lockdown, and we think it feels particularly relevant now. A ‘new normal’ is an opportunity. Take it from these guys – they’ve been here before.

The New Normal by Beyond Arts

And lastly…

Some useful (and some, erm, silly) resources we’ve shared on Social Media in the last few months, from supporting a loved one with cancer to a guide on safely ‘shaking someone’s hand’ to . You’re welcome.



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