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Why contacting your GP is still important

29 April 2020

If in doubt, STILL get checked out!

A recent poll conducted by Portland showed in the current climate, 1 in 10 people would not contact their GP even if they had a lump or a new mole which did not go away after a week. Many people stated getting coronavirus or giving it to their family were among the top reasons that people would not come forward when they have cancer symptoms along with fears that they could be a burden to the health service.

Here at Boob Towers, we want to get the message out there just how important it is to still contact your GP if you notice an unusual, persistent change in your boobs or pecs. You’ll know that we spend all our time banging on about boobs and the importance of knowing them. But now we are here to shout loud and clear that if in doubt STILL get it checked out. Here are the reasons why…

  1. GP surgeries are still open and they want to hear from you if you have any serious health concerns or symptoms. GPs still want to see people with any worrying changes to their boobs/pecs and will be able to refer you on for tests if necessary. Despite the NHS reprioritising some services, many are still going ahead as normal.
  2. If you are worried about visiting the surgery, in most cases the initial appointment will take place virtually or over the phone so there will be no need to leave your house unless further tests are needed.
  3. If it does turn out to be anything more serious, finding it early and getting it treated quickly means you have the best chance of surviving and going on to live a long and healthy life. Early detection really is the best form of defence, so make sure you are looking after yourself and being proactive about all aspects of your health.

And if that hasn’t persuaded you, then maybe a word from England’s top cancer doctor might do the job, over to you Professor Peter Johnson, NHS clinical director for cancer…

“NHS staff have made huge efforts to deal with coronavirus but they are also working hard to ensure that patients can safely access essential services such as cancer checks and urgent surgery.

From online consultations to the roll-out of cancer treatment hubs we are doing all we can to make sure patients receive the life-saving care that they need.

The wishes of patients and their families will always come first, and we have to make sure that people feel safe coming to hospitals, but my message is clear: people should seek help as they always would.”

The full press release from NHS England can be found here and if you want more reassurance on why to visit your GP, check out our information here.

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