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World Cancer Day with Animade

16 February 2021

For World Cancer Day this year, we worked with award winning animation studio, Animade, to bring you #StopAndCoppaFeel.

After our latest research revealed that a worrying 2 in 5 young people are avoiding contact with the NHS due to the pandemic, we wanted to create something to remind you that you know your body best and regularly checking it could save your life. 

Comprising three different films, each depicts busy people going about their day-to-day business who are all of a sudden reminded by something in their surroundings that it has been a while since they last checked themselves. The animations are humorous and full of positivity, aimed to inspire people to be unafraid and take action by calling their doctor if they find any concerning changes to their chest. 

Stop and CoppaFeel! Lemon

We wanted to say a big thank you to the people behind these scenes, Animade. The project was developed by an all female team, lead by designers Eilidh Reid and with Romane Wach, with additional colouring from Theresa Haas and creative direction from Frida Ek. The team also worked together with music producer, DJ, and composer Esther Joy Lane at Sister Music to bring the pieces to life through sound design.


In the words of our very own Social Media Manager, Meg Green:

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Animade to create these films. The team immediately understood our approach to breast cancer awareness and our mission to put checking on every young person’s radar, empowering them to have the confidence that they know their body better than anyone else. We absolutely adore the final result and hope that these cheeky, fun and memorable films will serve to not only put a smile on people’s face, but also speak to the challenges of making time for self- care and advocacy in our busy lives.

Unsurprisingly, our community instantly fell in love with the campaign and were all hands on deck to share the message far and wide. Our #StopAndCoppaFeel Reels were viewed over a whopping 300k times (picks up jaw from floor) and re-shared hundred of times by our Uni Boob Teams, Boobettes & general community.

When we asked our Influencers & Ambassadors to get involved they did not hesitate, helping us give the campaign the star quality it truly deserved. Breasties including @curvynyome, @rae_morris, @ajodudu, @chessieking, @rochellehumes, @rubyrare, @charlihoward (+ many more) helped us ensure the campaign reached the screens of thousands more Brits than we could have alone.

See some highlights from the day below.

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