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The truth about being a Uni Boob Team Leader

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The inside scoop from Phoebe Lazell, Uni Boob Team Leader at Royal Holloway

Fancy juggling the final year of a degree, a part time job, work experience, social life, future job hunt and being a UBT Leader? Sound alarming? It’s time to nip those jitters in the bud. Here’s why your third year isn’t too late to get involved with your Uni Boob Team.

Working as a UBT Leader or part of the team is the perfect accompaniment to any university degree. CoppaFeel! assigns you a monthly mission which gives you plenty of spare time to spend in the library (or binging on Netflix – no judgement here!) so the role needs less commitment than most societies. However, it is also an opportunity to collaborate with tonnes of societies. It’s great to get involved with sports teams – who’re renowned for eccentric fundraisers and making loadsa dollar for charity – and it’s a chance to shout about boobs using your Uni media outlets. You may find that you have a calling for journalism, a husky radio voice or the ideal skills for events management.

Your leadership skills are greatly increased. What’s more fun than pretending you’re PM on The Apprentice and networking with your SU, uni and off campus brands in order to create the very breast events. There’s nothing better than planning an incredible partaay bedecked in glitter or giggling over boob facts for an infamous pub quiz (again, an opportunity for reppin’ on the mic). The Uni Boob Team covers all kinds of opportunities whether you want to fundraise, sort the finances, manage the social media: aka coining boob puns, manage events, bake, design posters, write quizzes, or if you’re a nail painter and glitter applier extraordinaire, there is something for you!!

For me, being a UBT Leader has established a real love of charity work and not only have I spent the year finding glitter in every nook and cranny of my house (sorry, flatmates), and not to mention fabricating a breast themed, double entendre into every sentence I can muster – which is definitely worth a mention on my CV, right? – it has made me realise that I want to continue to work in charity: fundraising; organising and creating content with a fun voice in order to spread a life-saving message is definitely my calling. Heck, and maybe the sexy voiced radio presenter can be a back up.

So those are my reasons as to why being a part of a UBT is the most worthwhile thing you’ll do whilst at uni. It really is the perfect extra curricular accessory to add that extra sway your CV was missing and it is a great stepping stone from university to the ‘real world’. So what’s stopping you?

Here are some of my top tits (ahem) tips:


  • Get your mates involved – definitely twist your friends’ arms into volunteering, attending events, and team meetings with the promise of good karma and surplus amounts of tea.
  • Recruit – but that doesn’t mean only recruiting your mates, definitely get some 1st and 2nd years who can keep your legacy going for years to come. Plus it’s another chance to mingle with people who share a passion for charity (or glitter, same difference).
  • Plan, plan, plan – don’t be afraid to hassle your SU in order to get the most out of your events and why not get on to local businesses to participate?
  • Delegate – this is something I should do more because it’s okay not to do every single job yourself, put an awesome team together and make sure everyone pulls their weight (it doesn’t just take some pressure off you, but it’s also a great experience for them).
  • Relax – you will face hurdles but think outside the box and if all else fails don the boob costume and start spreading the norks love.
  • Consult your boob bible – more often than not those all to frequent silly questions are already answered!
  • Feedback – it takes 5 mins and you can voice concerns, improve the campaign and get a bit of TLC from Boob HQ. Easy.
  • Most of all, enjoy it – you have free reign to host incredible events, meet fun people and talk boobies so why not make it memorable?


Does it sound like your bag? CoppaFeel! are now taking applications for next year’s Uni Boob Team leaders. Apply now!