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Digital Boob Team

The Digital Boob Team is here, and they’re coming for your screens! If you’re anything like us, you’re probably a little bit addicted to the internet, which is why we’ve recruited a bunch of online Ninja’s to help spread our boob loving message! They’ll be hijacking the World Wide Web on a mission to get you lot checking your boobs! So lets meet the Boob Ninjas…

Carly Rowena @CarlyRowena

image of Carly Rowena @CarlyRowena

“CoppaFeel! has always been a charity close to my heart, with many of the women in my family having been diagnosed with breast cancer. Running the Bath Half with Team Boobs was one of my first ever fitness events. Pounding the streets of Bath in a giant boob costume will always be one of my favourite memories and i know how much it meant to my family. As someone with a big following on social media i want to empower people to be more body aware and to seek help if they notice any unusual changes in their boobs.”

We think getting a boob on and running a half marathon for us is a pretty good display of commitment to the boob-loving cause, so we’re thrilled to have Carly on board. We reckon she can put her personal trainer prowess into good use to kick her followers into boob-checking shape, and we can’t wait to see what comes next. Watch this space.

Gabrielle Aplin @Gabrielle Aplin

image of Gabrielle Aplin @Gabrielle Aplin
“I am so happy to be part of CoppaFeel’s Digital boob team – and in particular to be a Boob Ninja! I first met Kris a few years ago after being inspired by her story and her dedication to getting young people, men and women, to regularly check their boobs for greater awareness and quicker diagnosis. I’m so excited to get involved and to do whatever I can to help spread the word and to encourage people of all ages to get to know their bodies and to look after themselves.”
We first met Gabrielle back in 2014 when she dominated the stage Festifeel! Ever since, she’s been a firm favourite at Boob HQ – so we’re super excited that she’s joining us on our boob-loving revolution. Keep an eye out for her boob-checking reminders sneaking their way onto your twitter feed!

Carrie Fletcher @CarrieHFletcher

image of Carrie Fletcher @CarrieHFletcher

“I am thrilled to be part of the Digital Boob Team as a qualified Boob Ninja! Checking your boobs regularly isn’t something that i’d thought to do before I found out about Coppafeel! After hearing so many stories where boob-checking proved to be life saving, i’m now a reformed boob-lover, and coppafeel of my pair all the time! As should everyone, which is why I can’t wait to be sneaking up all over the place online and yelling “HAVE YOU CHECKED YOUR BOOBS TODAY?!?!?!” 

We’ve been coveting Carrie for our Digital Boob Team ever since her sister-in-law Giovanna became a Boob Ninja back in June. As well as running an awesome YouTube channel and writing her book, Carrie finds time to serenade the West End as Eponine in Les Miserables. We’re so excited to have Carrie on board and confident those mighty vocal cords will come in handy when she’s shouting about our boob-loving message.

Tahnée Seagrave @tahneeseagrave

image of Tahnée Seagrave @tahneeseagrave

“I feel so privileged to be a CoppaFeel! Boob Ninja! Kris’s adventures are truly inspiring and the whole Boob team are one in a million. As a youngster I wasn’t really aware of the importance of checking your boobs regularly, but Coppafeel! do an amazing job at making it second nature. Being part of the team has opened my own eyes and now I want to spread the word as much as I can and help others!”

Downhill mountain bike racer Tahnée has been part of the CoppaFeel! family for some time now, first as the face of Copparide, then as our Tuesday Boob Champion, and now as fully fledged member of the Digital Boob Team. When she’s not busy tearing up the track (or winning championships) she’ll be reminding her followers to get checking their knockers. We have a feeling she’s going to be pretty good at it.

Fleur De Force @FleurDeForce

image of Fleur De Force @FleurDeForce
Digtal Boob Team

“I’m honoured to have been asked to be a CoppaFeel! Boob Ninja. When I first met Kris I found her story truly inspirational and knew I would love to work with her one day and this is the perfect project! I have lots of young people watching my YouTube videos and I’m pretty sure loads of them don’t check their bazookas… Chilling at home watching YouTube is a perfect time to coppafeel!”

Fleur is our latest recruit and the perfect person to bring boob love to your screens! As well as being a vlogger, blogger and author (phew!) she also makes a kick-ass Boob Ninja. When Fleur’s not in front your screens she’s probably playing with her dogs Treacle, Squidge, and Piglet. A girl who loves her puppies? We’re down with that.

Anna Jones @we_are_food

image of Anna Jones @we_are_food
Digtal Boob Team

“I am so happy to be a CoppaFeel! Boob Ninja. Kris and CoppaFeel! are doing a vital, life-saving job, reminding us to check our boobs. My friend Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and unfortunately hers is now incurable, if she’d have checked sooner that might be different. CoppaFeel! has given Laura and all of our friends a positive way to fight back against the rubbishness of cancer and made me realise how important it is. I’ll be reminding all my followers to check their boobs, what better thing to do while you are waiting for your cake to come out of the oven, or while your soup is simmering.”

Aside from being our dream dinner party host, Anna is a kick-ass cook who knows a thing or two about healthy living. That’s why she’s determined to get you lot checking your boobs, and we think she’s the ideal woman for the job! Crucially, Anna also loves cake, and she’s whipped up this healthy recipe just for us. You’re welcome!

Rae Morris @raemorrismusic

image of Rae Morris @raemorrismusic
Digital Boob Team

“I’m so happy to be a CoppaFeel! Digital Ambassador! I feel genuinely inspired by the incredible work that CoppaFeel! has been doing over the past years and can’t wait to be part of such an important revolution; breaking down the misconceptions we have about cancer and about our BOOBS in particular!”

This singer (and source of much hair envy) is the latest member of the Digital Boob Team and we’re absolutely delighted to have her spreading the boob love with us! We’re currently scheming big things with Rae, so watch this space to find out how she’ll be putting her ninja moves to good use!

Lucy and Lydia @LucyAndLydia

image of Lucy and Lydia @LucyAndLydia
Digital Boob Team

“We are so happy to announce that we are Digital Ambassadors and ‘Boob Ninja’s’ for CoppaFeel! We’re excited to be part of the fun CoppaFeel! team and to help raise awareness to our viewers on our Youtube channel, and to let them know the importance of checking their boobs! We are giving CoppaFeel! a little bit of Twin Power!”

We know that all good things come in pairs! Meet Lucy and Lydia, identical twins and YouTubers who have a soft spot for all things beauty, fashion and music related. If that wasn’t reason enough to make them Boob Ninjas, they’ve also decided to get all their followers checking on the reg. We’re very excited to have these ladies on board!

Giovanna Fletcher @MrsGiFletcher

image of Giovanna Fletcher @MrsGiFletcher
Digital Boob Team

“I couldn’t be more honoured to be a part of the Digital Boob Team (AKA a boob ninja). Far too many people are lazy and forgetful when it comes to checking their baps and taking notice when something in their bodies doesn’t feel quite right. I’m thrilled I’m going to be giving them a nudge and making sure they stay aware of their bazookas. Go check ’em!”

Our first Boob Ninja is one multi-talented lady – Giovanna’s many job titles include author, actress, blogger, vlogger and, most importantly, boob-lover! We’re thrilled to have Giovanna on board, not only because she’s committed to spreading our life-saving message, but also because she rocks a boob costume like no other!