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We simply couldn’t do our important work without the help from kind, generous people and companies, who believe in our mission as much as we do. If that’s you, big up yourself! And if you’re not on here but fancy getting involved with us, we’d love to hear from you.

image of: Glitter Lips

Glitter Lips

glitter lips logo If we were to list all the things we love, glitter would be at the top. The ladies at Glitter Lips have kept us glittered from head to tow at events spanning Festifeel to boob ball and now they've created the new Babylon Zoo glitter in the name of boobs -  £2 from the sale of each pack will support our life-saving work! beautyboulevard.com  



wanderlust logo We love all things sparkly here at Boob HQ and are delighted to partner with Georgie and her team at wanderlustlife on our very own necklace. The lemon quartz represents positivity and healing. You can get yours and support a great cause right here. wanderlustlife.co.uk

image of: Camelbak


Camelbak Logo small Thanks to the good folk at Camelbak, we can stay hydrated with their awesome bottles, which they branded up and donated to us to sell on our site for you guys to enjoy! Get your hands on one over here. 100% of the sale from every bottle comes to us. camelbak.com
image of: F&F


f&f copy F&F came on board our BRAHIJACK campaign at the beginning of 2016 when they agreed to putting our life-saving reminder labels in all their bras sold at TESCO stores throughout the UK. Next time you get the groceries, be sure to pick up a bra with a reminder that could save your life! www.clothingattesco.com
image of: Pink Parcel

Pink Parcel

pink parcel Our lovely pals at Pink Parcel have supported us in 2015 not only to raise awareness in doctors surgeries across the UK but also raising lots and lots of funds. And it doesn't stop there because they keep the team at Boob HQ pampered with their monthly packs too! Thanks guys.   pinkparcel.co.uk
image of: Fake Bake

Fake Bake

FB_Logo.indd We started working with the fab people at Fake Bake in October 2015. They are spreading the boob checking message by getting you to get your mitts on your bits. We have lots of exciting plans in the pipeline with these guys spanning events, fundraising and competitions all in the name of BOOBS. Watch this space. fakebake.com
image of: Asos


asos The lovely folk at asos have been friends of ours for a while but in 2015 they decided to jump on the BraHijack bandwagon by committing to put our handy boob check reminder labels in their bras! Watch out lingerie world, we’ve got more bras to hijack!

image of: i Love…Cosmetics

i Love…Cosmetics

LOGO iLove…Cosmetics were the first company to support our new SHOWERHIJACK campaign, our mission to get our boob-checking reminder into showers around the UK simply by adding our message onto shower products! Not only that, these guys got involved with our #whatnormalfeelslike campaign in 2014 by sponsoring our hugely successful boob booth!

image of: Cosmopolitan


cosmo These guys have been nothing but brilliant to us. Our official media partners and all round good eggs, the team at Cosmo have supported us at a number of their events including the Ultimate Women Awards and more recently the Lingerie Show. They’ve allowed us to carry out some hugely bold and creative campaigns and for that we LOVE them.

image of: The Sun

The Sun

thesun The Sun allowed us to hijack their iconic page 3 every Tuesday for 9 months in 2014 with our CheckEmTuesday campaign which not only got the whole of the UK talking, it also got hundreds of Sun readers checking. In fact, Sun readers are more likely to check their boobs now because of it!

image of: Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

paulmitchell Paul Mitchell started supporting us in 2014 from the sale of their ‘Lovely Pair’ hair products. This double act of hair goodness will be back on sale in 2015 with £1 from every sale coming to us. Guilt free shopping at its finest!

image of: Dave


big_Swim1000DC-newwebsite Meet Dave. Adventurer, author, speaker and damn right legend. Dave’s been supporting us since our humble beginnings via his many adventures. From writing a book called ‘Date’ to swimming 1000 miles down the Missouri, his expeditions are mind-boggling and awe-inspiring and we love that he supports us by raising funds and spreading the word far and wide.   davecornthwaite.com

image of: Maria Costello

Maria Costello

costello_new website This motorcycling champion has been helping CoppaFeel! since 2010, when she felt inclined to help raise awareness amongst her fans. She has been carrying CoppaFeel!’s logo on her bike and talks about us whenever and wherever possible, she even has her own calendar and donates a percentage to us. We thinks she’s pretty awesome!   costelloracing.com

image of: Mediacom


mediacom We’ve been lucky enough to recruit the help and expertise from the biggest media agency in the UK! Mediacom first started supporting us in 2014 with our #whatnormalfeelslike campaign, allowing us to show bare, real breasts on billboards for the first time. Ever.   mediacom.com
image of: Karmarama


Karmarama Enter our shiny new creative agency as of February 2014! The people at Karmarama have that much good karma that they’ve decided to support us with our creative activity. So keep an eye out for our summer campaign as well as some other treats coming up, courtesy of the Karma collective..   karmarama.com
image of: Ann Summers

Ann Summers

annsummers Ann Summers started their support for us in 2014’s breast cancer awareness month by showing us some love in their shop windows nationwide! Not only that, they took our message one step further, to the dressing room AND raised lots of money too.   annsummers.com
image of: IPM


IPM In 2013 we were chosen as the Institute of Promotional Marketing’s official charity! Since then, they have been spreading the word far and wide via their networks and fundraised over £18,000 during their annual IPM awards night. They even created the first boobie-shaped spacehopper film in slo-mo! Basically, they’re awesome.   www.theipm.org.uk
image of: Casual Films

Casual Films

casual films logo-1 Casual Films got in touch and asked us to get involved with their community outreach programme called the Casual Academy. Young people in the Hackney and Islington area of London produced this masterpiece for us! They’re also the brains behind our short promo film and help us regularly with sourcing more talented people to capture the madness. casualfilms.com
image of: Vans


vans These cool cats became the official supporters of Festifeel in 2014, gifting all our artists with treats for their feet and waffles! (Amongst many other things!) Keep your ears open for more exciting plans in the pipeline...   vans.co.uk
image of: Underwire


underwire logo Underwire have chosen us as their charity partner for the Underwire Film Festival: celebrating shorts by women in November. To kick things off we are co-producing an extra special CoppaFeel! Lecture with them later in 2014! Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements on our news page.   underwirefestival.com
image of: Saatchi & Saatchi

Saatchi & Saatchi

saatchi This healthcare advertising agency have some brilliant ideas up their sleeves. Because they’re experts in the health care world, they know a thing or two about how to communicate health promotional messages. Which is why they masterminded our 2014 Valentine’s Day ad, which hit national newspapers that day. And cost us absolutely nothing.   saatchihealth.co.uk
image of: Hive health

Hive health

HIVE health Hive are a healthcare communications agency and have helped us shape some of our boob-health communications over the years, including helping us to pilot a campaign to speak to GPs about young people’s needs. They’ve also helped us script our ‘What to expect from your GP’ guide, available to download on our ‘Boob Check’ page.   hivehealth.com
image of: Adestra


adestra-friends Adestra are the providers of the very brilliant MessageFocus system, from where we send our monthly Boob Mail email updates. These guys have been supporting us since 2010, allowing us to keep you lot up to date with all things happening at boob towers!   adestra.com
image of: Krowmark


Krowmark-Logo Quite frankly, we’d be cold and wet without these guys for they kit us out in our swanky waterproofs - ready to tackle the elements at all our events and festivals! Krowmark are boob attire experts and we’re very grateful to have their support. So come on British weather, we’re ready for ya!   krowmark.com
image of: Fluorescent PR

Fluorescent PR

fluorescent pr The ladies at Fluorescent PR are our first stop for anything PR and hot-gossip related and work tirelessly to help us get the word out to the nation!   fluorescentpr.com
image of: Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate

curvy kate This fun lingerie company was the first to commit to supporting our #BraHijack campaign by agreeing to put our boob-checking reminder labels in all of their bras. And in 2014 they’re also launching the first CoppaFeel! bra. Thanks to their support, we’ve been able to get the word out to more companies and fulfill a dream we’ve had since day 1.   curvykate.com
image of: ABC Self Store

ABC Self Store

abc selfstore Where do we store our inflatable boob tent you ask? With these lovely people! ABC self store kindly let us store our boob tent during the wintery months along with other boob costumes and festival-related paraphernalia. We would have one very crowded Boob HQ without you!   abcselfstore.co.uk
image of: Popchips


popchips Sponsors of the tasty variety are our faves. Popchips are no exception. These wonderful potato pieces of joy and the company behind them have supported us with many of our events including Bikin' for Boobies and many of our half marathons as well as our Uni Boob Team campaign. We’d be very hungry without them!   popchips.co.uk
image of: Panache


panache Panache supported our Boobettes campaign in 2012 when they sold limited edition pink sports bras in aid of us, raising over £4000. The bra included special boob-checking reminder swing tags and the campaign was fronted by Strictly’s uber gorgeous Kristina Rhianoff. Since then, they continue to support us via lingerie donations and spreading the word to their customers.   panache-lingerie.com
image of: Very.co.uk


very Very were our official supporters of the Uni Boob Team campaign in 2012. Since then, they have supported us via Fearne Cotton’s CoppaFeel! tshirt sales, through big PR activity and by reminding their customers and staff to check their boobies. We like them.   very.co.uk