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Check Your Boobs

What does normal feel like?

What is normal for your boobs? It’s a question that not enough women can answer as they’re not checking regularly.  And those that can, often struggle to find the words to describe what’s normal for them. If we were to ask you to say what one word would you use to describe your boobs; we bet you’d say something to do with size. Big? Small? Pert, perhaps? Now, we’re not ones for telling people off but our new campaign, #WhatNormalFeelsLike is on a mission to put a big fat cross through these answers.

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There is a problem in the UK that when we describe our breasts, we only refer to their size and quite often we’re not even nice about it; hands up who answered tiny or saggy? Well this year, we want you to get to know your boobs, have a good feel and think about what new words you could use to describe them, to help us build a new vocab to describe this nation’s breasts beyond size.

Seven bare-chested ladies offered to be part of our hard-hitting national ads, which have been appearing in magazines, billboards and even store changing rooms near you!

Back in October 2014, hundreds of people took to our Boob Booth in London to bare all and share words with us that best describes their boobs. Take a look here.

We want you to think differently about your boobs and get to know #WhatNormalFeelsLike, so go on, get coppin’!

This video highlights the reasons behind this campaign:

We took the campaign to the masses at ten festivals this summer, including: Wireless, Electric Daisy Carnival, Latitude, Womad, Standon Calling, Wilderness, V Festival Chelmsford, Leeds, Sundown and Bestival. And from there, we’ll be taking it to Uni campuses across the UK this autumn as part of our Uni Boob Team campaign.

Why are we doing this? Think about it, how are you ever going to spot any changes in your boobs if you’ve never taken the time to get to know #WhatNormalFeelsLike.

No time like the present, tell us your word today and contribute to the new boob vocab by tweeting us and using the hashtag #WhatNormalFeelsLike.



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