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CoppaFeel! exists to educate and remind every young person in the UK that checking their boobs isn’t only fun, it could save their life.

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About Us

Who Are CoppaFeel!?

We are the first breast cancer charity in the UK to solely create awareness amongst young people, with the aim of instilling the knowledge and tools they need to get to know their bodies. We like to talk about a serious message in a light-hearted way, empowering people to start healthy habits for life.

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Early diagnosis

Our Vision

We want everyone to have the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer. Ideally we want to live in a world where all breast cancers are diagnosed at the earliest stage possible, at which treatments are more effective and survival rates are higher.

a pink sign that reads 'check your boobs!' being held up by a hand
Encourage, Educate, Empower

Our Mission

To ensure all breast cancers are diagnosed early and correctly by…

Encouraging you to check your boobs and pecs regularly from a young age.

Educating you on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Empowering you to seek advice from a doctor if symptoms persist.

Kris' Story

"I want CoppaFeel!'s message to stick, and to keep saving lives."

CoppaFeel! was founded in 2009 by Kristin Hallenga and her twin sister Maren after Kris was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer at the age of 23. Read more about our history and Kris’ story by clicking below.

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Our Values


We believe in committed, hard work which delivers results. We are problem solvers who have proven time and time again that you can get good results from small means.


Collectively with our supporters, CoppaFeel! has a voice far greater than our size. We will always remember that together we are greater than the sum of our parts.


We’re not like other charities. We are not afraid to challenge existing ways of doing things, think in unconventional ways and experiment – all for good reason. Making mistakes is the privilege of the active.


We want to be a force for positive change and create a lasting impact on the world. We talk about a serious message in a light hearted, proactive & empowering way.

More About CoppaFeel!

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