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"UBT has been an amazing experience so far! I have been able to meet loads of fab like-minded people who are helping us to spread Coppafeel's message. You get to turn a potentially daunting topic into a friendly conversation with a giant boob, whilst covered in glitter, what more could you want?!"
Ellie Atkinson, University of Birmingham UBT Leader
A woman from one of our university boob teams picture outside wearing a boob suit holding her hands in the air

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"Being a member of Worcester UBT has been a unique and empowering experience. It has created a family of amazing people who want to share an important message while making memories and seeing the brighter things in life too. I couldn’t think of a better team to lead!"
Abigail Evans, University of Worcester UBT Leader
a woman from one of our university boob teams holding a rock that she has painted whihc reads 'check your boobs'

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