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Our Impact in 2022

2022 continued to be a challenging year for young people affected by breast cancer. As the UK started to slowly make its way out of pandemic life access to an early breast cancer diagnosis was compounded by Covid restrictions, pressure on the NHS and access to health services. Ensuring that CoppaFeel! is representing young people’s voices and making sure their needs are not forgotten is more urgent than ever.

2022 was all about…

  • Extending our work with healthcare professionals
  • Restoring and growing our Uni Boob Team and Boobette volunteering activities 
  • Reaching new audiences with our work by improving the accessibility of our message

Read more about our work in our 2022 Annual Report 

Our Highlights from 2022


Our Mission: “We will continue to raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of getting to know your boobs, and the efficacy of our message by creating meaningful reach and normalising checking amongst 18 - 24 year olds.”

TikTok partnership

CoppaFeel! launched a new partnership with TikTok to produce long form content, unpacking a key topic around breast awareness. We worked with several creators including Joanna Kenny, Scarlet Nazarian and Candice Brathwaite.


Our Mission: “Our education strategy will aim to educate all 18-24 year old’s, in a manner that builds confidence and supports motivated checking. Our focus this year will be to broaden the reach of our education services and accessibility of our health communications.”

Launched CoppaCollege e-learning modules for teachers & healthcare professionals

Developed an e-learning platform to support professionals in promoting breast awareness. The platform went live from September 2022, and we have worked with NHS England to launch the module on the E-Learning for Health platform from 2023. Over 120 Healthcare Professionals accessed the course within the first 3 months of its launch. Initial feedback shows that 100% of participants are confident about talking to their patients about breast awareness having completed the online module.

Launch of accessible resources

We worked with the Thera Trust to develop checking materials and breast awareness information for people with learning disabilities. At the end of the year we also launched our pregnancy resource to improve education about breast awareness and to help improve early diagnosis amongst pregnant people.


Development of the Self-Checkout Web App

80,000 people have used the Self-Checkout since its launch in June 2021. In 2022 we carried out a quantitative survey alongside focus group research to evaluate the efficacy of the Self‐Checkout in creating confident motivated checkers. This was to inform future development to ensure the tool remains impactful and relevant for 18-24 year olds. This project showed. 

We were delighted to hear the Self-Checkout was the Winner of the Best Service Delivery Innovation at the 2022 Third Sector Awards. 

University of Nottingham Research Project Launch

A project to explore and understand breast referral behaviours in primary care in women under the age of 35 years. By working on this research project, we will be able to work to reduce health inequities that exist in primary care by providing further training and support for healthcare professionals. We aim to highlight barriers to early diagnosis for young women, in order to campaign for change.

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