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Our Impact in 2021

It has been another year of ups and downs, recovering from the initial impact of the pandemic, but also navigating how to now live alongside the virus.

2021 was all about…

  • Restoring services and generating engagement post pandemic
  • Launching new campaigns and products to reach more people & increase confidence in checking
  • Improving inclusion, diversity and accessibility of our resources and programmes

Let us tell you how we got on and why Team Boobs is celebrating another groundbreaking year.

Our Highlights from 2021


Our Mission: “We will continue to raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of getting to know your boobs, and the efficacy of our message by creating meaningful reach and normalising checking amongst 18 - 24 year olds.”

An image of a woman lying down in bed with her hand on her stomach, learning her normal | CoppaFeel! | breast cancer awareness charity

We launched a new campaign

We launched our new campaign, “Know Yourself” to raise awareness and normalise getting to know your body.

27% of the 18-24s said the campaign would encourage them to check

“I think it shows lots of different bodies which demonstrates the message of (breast cancer) being able to affect anybody.”
Survey Responder

A person holding a sign saying 'Ch-ch-changes' | CoppaFeel! | Breast cancer info and advice

Evolving Social Media Content

We reached 1,184,700 million 18-24 year olds through our comms channels across the year.

Our research showed social media is now the main trigger for prompting young people to check.

Increasing diversity of stories

We have increased the diversity of stories we share and social media platforms we use to reach different communities.

We launched the Boob Share podcast with Jackie Adedeji.

“My new favourite podcast! I think this delivers such useful self care info in such a fun way and I love Jackie.” – Boob Share listener

The CoppaFeel! Tik Tok channel also launched with a Tik Tok partnership taking place in BCAM 2021.


Our Mission: “Our education strategy will aim to educate all 18-24 year old’s, in a manner that builds confidence and supports motivated checking. Our focus this year will be to broaden the reach of our education services and accessibility of our health communications.”

Achieving PIF accreditation

We completed a review of our health information and processes and achieved PIF Tick accreditation for our information processes from the Patient Information Forum.

We launched posters for the Trans and Non-Binary community, working with Live Through This as well as a British Sign Language version of our ‘How to Check’ video.

98% of people who viewed our new health information online found it useful.

Volunteer Ambassadors Returned

Our volunteer ambassador programmes returned after the disruption from Covid-19.

Our Boobettes delivered 244 sessions reaching an estimated 14,900 people. 93% of people who booked a Boobette session found the content very useful.

44 Uni Boob Teams were recruited who delivered 56 events and signed up over 800 students to our SMS reminder service.

The launch of a healthcare professional webinar series

Healthcare Professional engagement delivered online through launching our first webinar series.

100% of attendees reported feeling more confident to speak to patients about breast awareness after attending the webinar session.

“Really great webinar! The session was relevant to my role and I now feel confident to talk about this with people I come into contact with.” – Webinar attendee

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