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We know our stuff when it comes to talking boobs, chests & pecs, and are always on the lookout for opportunities to reach more people with our message.

If you’re a journalist working on a story about chests, breast cancer or something else that we do, we’d love to speak to you! We share stories from our incredible community as well as provide facts, stats and other resources that might help you.

We like to think we’re a friendly bunch, so if you have a news story that you think would benefit from our expert boob knowledge, get in touch!

Press Enquiries

For enquiries relating to CoppaFeel!’s founder Kris Hallenga, please contact

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For all other CoppaFeel! press enquiries, please contact

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Media Guidelines

The words we use matter. Using the wrong language around breast cancer can cause unintentional harm. That’s why we’re mindful about how we communicate. We spoke to our community and co-created these guidelines to help you talk sensitively and with impact.

Download the guide

Press Releases

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