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Our Team & Culture

What started as a small group of friends around Kris’ kitchen table has now turned into a team of over 30. CoppaFeel! is made up of four departments: Education, Marketing, Fundraising and Operations. Find out more about our management and trustees below, and check out our TikToks to get a taste of life at Boob HQ.

"At CoppaFeel! the ways of working are there to aid working, not force it. You're able to work in the way that best suits your productivity and needs - leading to more focused and smart working. The CoppaFeel! working culture is one which is genuinely supportive and is developed by the employees , for the employees."

Our Founders

CoppaFeel! was founded in 2009 by twin sisters Kris and Maren Hallenga – after Kris was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer at the age of 23. Since then we’ve grown from a determined duo based in Kris and Maren’s living room to a full team housed at Boob Towers in South London. This lot are obsessed with boobs, but for a very good reason. Click below to find out more about CoppaFeel!’s story.

Our Story

Our Senior Management Team

CoppaFeel!'s Senior Management Team have overall responsibility for the strategy, management, organisational delivery and impact. They work closely with the Board to ensure that they are delivering CoppaFeel!'s vision in a way that is sustainable and will have the greatest impact in ensuring that all breast cancers are diagnosed early.

Our Trustees

CoppaFeel!'s Board of Trustees is responsible for shaping our strategy, governance and ensuring that everything that we do will have the greatest possible contribution to achieving our vision of ensuring that all breast cancers are diagnosed early. We aim to have a Board that reflects the diverse communities that we serve, with a range of expertise and lived experience to best meet the needs of our audience as well as support the sustainable growth of the charity. Trustees have terms of office lasting four years and are eligible to stand for a maximum of 3 terms.

"The flexibility of CoppaFeel!'s hybrid way of working has been a breath of fresh air for my mental health. Waking up in the morning knowing I don't have to be in work for a specific time instantly calms my anxiety and I'm ready to face the day."
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