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A note on terms:

Breast cancer can affect anybody, and everybody is welcome in CoppaFeel!’s community. We’re actively inclusive in our language and we ask people how they want to be described. 

The word ‘chest’ is inclusive of all bodies and genders. When we need to be clinically accurate we use the word ‘breast’. You might prefer to call your chest something else, and that’s ok!

People of all ages and genders can get breast cancer. These signs may look different on your skin tone or your body. It’s really important to know what’s normal for you. 

Remember to look AND feel when checking your chest.


Signs and symptoms of breast cancer may include:

  • Skin changes such as puckering or dimpling.
  • Unusual lump or swelling in your armpit, or around your collarbone.
  • Unusual lumps and thickening.
  • Liquid coming from your nipple.
  • A sudden, unusual change in size or shape.
  • Nipple is pulled inwards or changes direction.
  • A rash or crusting on or around your nipple.
  • Constant, unusual pain in your breast or pec, or armpit.

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer

What you can see is as important as what you can feel, so remember to look AND feel when checking your chest.

Our health information has the PIF TICK quality mark, so you can trust and rely on it.

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We updated this information in April 2024. We will look at it again in April 2027.

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