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Everyone has breast tissue and people of all genders can get breast cancer. This page is for people who are trans or non-binary, and anyone else who wants to know about checking and changes during transition. You can find out about breast cancer in men by visiting this page. CoppaFeel! and OUTPATIENTS have produced these resources to ensure all young people are empowered with the information they need to get to know their bodies.


OUTPATIENTS (formerly Live Through This) are the UK’s first charity dedicated to supporting and advocating for LGBTIQ+ people affected by cancer. They seek to better represent the queer community in the cancer space, working collaboratively with beneficiaries, clinicians and other organisations to drive positive outcomes for all.

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A Venn diagram showing how pecs, chests and boobs all are made up of breast tissueA note on terms:

We use the terms ‘chest’ and ‘breast’ on this page. We use the term ‘chest’ on this page, and ‘breast’ when we need to be clinically accurate, for example when we talk about breast cancer. You might prefer to call your chest something else, and that’s ok!

Glossary of Terms

Changes during transition

Breast cancer can affect people of any age or gender, so it’s really important to get to know what’s normal for your body and understand how it could change if you are transitioning. Click for more guidance on changes during transition, and scroll down for the symptoms of breast cancer to be aware of.

Chest changes during transition

The Signs And Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Theo's story

Chest check 101

Everyone is different and knowing your normal is a process, but you can start here for the need-to-know on all the bits you need-to-know.

Download our posters

CoppaFeel! and OUTPATIENTS have worked in collaboration with our LGBTIQ+ beneficiaries to design a series of posters for Trans and Non-Binary people. Our posters give information on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and guidance on how to check, with tips on how to get started, how to deal with dysphoria when checking, and information on how having implants or getting top-surgery might affect how you check.

Download our posters

Read our FAQs

OUTpatients and CoppaFeel! worked with trans and non-binary people to develop these resources. These are some of the questions that came up in the creation of these resources, and our answers to them.

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