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Why should you check yourself?


You are never too young

Although breast cancer is rare in younger people, it can still happen, as all genders have breast tissue, which develops at a young age.


Breast cancer isn't always hereditary

Less than 10% of breast cancers are caused by a family history. Most people who receive a diagnosis, won’t know why the disease has developed.


Everyone has breast tissue

Checking your chest is for guys, gals and non-binary pals as everyone has breast tissue. Around 55,000 women and almost 400 men are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK every year.


Breast screening is great, but limited

In the UK, only women will be invited to routine breast screening from the age of 47-50 years old, which takes place every 3 years. For that reason, checking your boobs is especially important for those who aren’t screened. But even if you have mammograms (the breast screening test) it is important to check in between your appointments.

In the UK…

  • 1 in 7 women will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime.
  • Around 400 men are diagnosed every year.
  • Around 2,300 women are diagnosed aged 39 or under.
  • In females aged 25-49, breast cancer is the most common cancer, accounting for more than 4 in 10 (44%) of all cases in 2014-2016.

*Statistics from Cancer Research UK and Breast Cancer Now

Our Research Shows…

  • Younger women aged 18-24 years old consistently check their boobs less than those 25-35 years old.
  • Only 36% of women aged 18-35 years old check their boobs monthly.
  • Only 54% of women would immediately visit their doctor upon discovering early signs and symptoms.
  • Just over half of young women are confident to start checking their boobs.



  • 78% believe it is important to raise awareness of breast cancer amongst young women.
  • Women who are aware of CoppaFeel! are more likely to check their breasts and know the signs and symptoms compared with those who are not.

*Statistics from CoppaFeel! annual research December 2020

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