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Get crafty

At Casa CoppaFeel!

Want to know how to make a flower crown from scratch? Carve your own knife? Create tassels? Tote bags? Scrunchies? Know how to check your boobs? We’ve teamed up with Avon UK and some super-cool makers to let you get your craft on at Festifeel – download the app for more info.

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Get Hands on

At House of Hands 

We’re bringing House of Hands to Festifeel, a sensory installation where you can get hands on & immerse yourself in a world of texture. Expect to get touchy feely and close and personal with all things tactile, huggable and touchable. We’re here to show you that the power is in your hands.

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Get ready to

Party with us

This is the highlight of the boob calendar, and we’ve got the evidence to prove it.