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We've got lots of clever materials designed to help you spread the word - order them here.

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We’re here to cater for all your boob-checking needs, so tell us what materials you’d like and you’ll have boob mail landing on your doorstep very soon.

We love our planet almost as much as we love boobs, so please be realistic about the quantities you’ll need to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

Our Materials

 If you work at a school, own your own bra shop, are a big, regular or small sized name in the healthcare game or you’re organising an awareness event, here’s where you can tell us what you need and where to send it.

Wallet sized info cards

You may think of your credit card as a lifesaver, but these are the real deal. Our info cards have the lowdown on all things boob-checking and come complete with the details you need to get signed up to our free text reminder service. Handy.


To misquote S-Club 7, there ain’t no poster like a Boob Team poster. Educate the masses on all things CoppaFeel!, early detection and the life-saving work that our charity does. You can download PDFs here and print them off at home.




Did you know that when CoppaFeel! first started back in 2009 Kris and Maren had to cut out each of our famous hands stickers, by hand. Thankfully a nice chap with a machine does them for us now, which means we have plenty we can send to you.

Health Professionals

Looking for materials to have in your surgery or clinic? Request a pack from Boob HQ, to help you encourage your patients to start healthy boob checking habits for life.


If you’d like to order fundraising materials such as collection buckets, running vests or the infamous boob suit, you’re in the wrong place. Click below to go to the right place.

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