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Meet our Education Advisory Group members, here to support the CoppaFeel! team in reminding, educating and empowering the nation to check their boobs, pecs and chests. We are proud to have their expertise on board to help evaluate, develop and inform our education programmes and resources for schools and young people.

Bonnie Taylor


Bonnie has been passionate about including breast health education on her school’s PSCHE curriculum over the last 6 years, and took part in our #RETHINKCANCER campaign pilot back in 2015.

“I wholeheartedly believe in the CoppaFeel! mission to empower young people with the information that could, one day, save their life!”

Georgia Lazell

Childline Supervisor

Georgia is passionate about PSHE and has led on this at the primary schools she has taught at, as well as visiting schools in a previous role at NSPCC to educate young people on sensitive subjects, such as abuse.

“PSHE Education is making leaps and bounds at the moment. I want to help schools teach the incredible CoppaFeel! message. The School Pack we are developing is an essential tool for schools so they feel equipped to teach cancer education in an inspiring and innovative way.”

Rhiannon Bradley

Primary Teacher

Rhiannon is an active advocate for developing resources and methods to take away the stigma around cancer education for both teachers and students. Having had a cancer diagnosis herself, Rhiannon has had first hand experience of educating young classes about the topic.

“I feel our responsibility as educators is to empower people and take away the fear of the unknown with the gift of knowledge. I feel like one of the lucky ones who made it out the other side and want to make sure we provide high quality, easy to understand methods of teaching young people about cancer.”

Gemma Hall

Operations Director

Gemma is passionate about educating and inspiring our youth to have confidence in their minds, bodies and opinions. In her current role as Director of an Apprenticeship Training Provider, Gemma is at the forefront of creating an engaging environment, supporting young people in facing the many varied challenges that life throws at them.

“When my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 I saw first hand how she tried to protect her children from the fear that the word “cancer” can summon – I believe it is essential that we educate young people so they are able to talk openly and honestly about their worries and concerns. If I can play a small part in this and help to spread the word in a fun and engaging way, I’m all for it!”

Ottilie Young

Trainee Teacher

Otillie recently graduated from the University of Southampton with a BSc in Education, which required her to explore the field of education with particular reference to theory and research in this area. She is starting a Primary PGCE in September 2021 at the University of Cambridge and is excited to begin this journey.

“I am passionate about exploring and engaging with a range of pedagogical practices and methods to enable a wide range of students to benefit from practice and progress in their own educational journeys!”

Ashleigh Davies

Head of Girls PE and Assistant Learning Manager

Ashleigh is passionate about health and well-being. In her role as a PE teacher she is committed supporting young people through the maze of their adolescent years as well as improving students’ experiences of physical activity. Ashleigh believes being healthy is more than leading a balanced active lifestyle. Students need to become well rounded individuals during their time in education so they’re able to leave ready for work or higher qualifications but also so they’re able to lead sustainable lives.

“As educators we need to embed knowledge and confidence in young people to equip them for the rest of their lives. The more conversations centred around taboo subjects the greater the force conquering it.”

Sarah Elizabeth Jelley

Secondary Teacher

When Sarah was 16 she lost her mother to breast cancer. She then took action to look into her family history and go for genetic testing. A few years ago, Sarah was diagnosed with the BRCA2 genetic mutation. As a deputy head of house, tutor and teacher, a large part of Sarah’s job involves taking care of both students’ mental and physical health, providing them with resources and information to look after themselves.

“I strongly believe being breast aware needs to be discussed more openly amongst schools. I hope I can make a difference by working with my fellow EAG members to support schools in delivering this important topic, in a positive manor that is appropriate for young minds. I believe it is exceptionally important for teenagers to know their bodies and be given the knowledge to take control of their health. As a BRCA2 carrier, I truly believe the information I was given saved my life. I only hope I can pass on my knowledge and save some more young lives!”

Laura Roe

Secondary Teacher

As a secondary school teacher for over two decades, Laura believes open and honest dialogue is needed for young people to talk about cancer. Having had a diagnosis herself and spoken about it with her own children, she recognises still too many are scared by the word. Young people need to be allowed to ask frank questions and become empowered through knowledge. The work that CoppaFeel! does helps with this tremendously.

“I would love every student to go home after a CoppaFeel! session and feel they can talk about cancer with friends and family.  I would not want anyone to go through diagnosis and treatment but if they do, I don’t want fear to be the overwhelming emotion.”

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