Our work

At Universities

We think students are pretty great when it comes to spreading the boob love on campus so we have lots of ways that you can get involved while at university.

Join a Uni Boob Team

Our Uni Boob Teams are our wonderful student ambassadors who spend their time shouting about boob-checking and raising funds at university and have been doing so since 2010. From hijacking your showers to throwing infamous glitter parties these lot are well-equipped at getting students to cop a feel

Start your own Uni Boob Team

We’re recruiting for our next group of Uni Boob Team Leaders! If you are an enthusiastic student who is willing to spread the boob love on campus, get your pals coppin’ a feel and raise some life-saving funds then get in touch. Find out more by reading the role description and watching our teams in action!

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Become a Student Fundraiser

If fundraising is more your bag then why not hold your very own event on campus or run a marathon in the name of norks. And if you’re involved in a RAG who would like to support us then let us know and we can help you create the breast event!

Check out our Uni Boob Map

We have 40 teams across the UK – find yours below!

Fancy joining the team?

Students, we want to hear from you!

There are plenty of ways to support CoppaFeel! on campus. Including our student challenge event to the Jurassic Coast. Find out more information below or simply get in touch to hear all the exciting opportunities we have for uni students.

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Raise awareness

Start the boob revolution at your uni! Why not ask your SU to display our shower hangers in student accommodation or hijack the gyms on campus? Or get in touch with your uni healthcare centre to order a pack from us today!

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Raise money

If you’d rather raise funds then why not throw an event on campus or if you’re signing up to an existing event, like a marathon, and fancy supporting us then let us know so we can cheer you on in true CoppaFeel! style.

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