Remind Me SMS

Now you know why you should check, we can make sure you remember too!

Just have a quick read of our terms and conditions first. This service only works in the UK, sorry!

SMS Terms and Conditions

By providing your number you agree to us texting you once a month reminding you to check your boobs/pecs/chest. Receiving our texts is free.

We can’t guarantee what time your text will arrive. But we do hope it’s a convenient time ie. whilst standing at the bus stop. Standard network rates apply for your initial sign-up text and any further texts you send us. However, it doesn’t cost you a penny to receive our reminders here in the UK.

To unsubscribe (not that you’d want to) just text ‘COPSTOP’ to 82228. The short-code 82228, is a non-premium short-code in that it only costs a standard network rate of texting a short-code in order to unsubscribe. This cost is applied by your network and charged depending on your price plan. If you are charged for short-code texting on your price plan – this would then be charged as a standard rate. 

Don’t like texting short codes? No worries, simply click the following link and enter your mobile number to unsubscribe: www.sto.pm/coppafeel/

This is purely a reminder service and we accept no responsibility for any text messages not related to this service. Any queries need to be emailed to education@coppafeel.org.

We will keep your details safe and secure (in line with our privacy policy) and will not pass them on to any third parties.


Does CoppaFeel! run the SMS reminder service?

We use an SMS provider called FireText. With unrivalled security standards, FireText is selected as the provider to the UK Government (DVLA, Passport, Councils, etc.), NHS and thousands of public and private companies across the country. Their key credentials include ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, and GDPR Compliant to name a few. 

FireText has strong ethics as a company too. As a living wage employer, they support staff and local charities alike. They are Net Zero as a company, meaning every SMS we send is Net Zero too. See FireText’s environmental commitments here: firetext.co.uk/environmental-statement

Be assured, CoppaFeel! will never sell or share your number with anyone else.

I don’t want to receive messages any more, how do I unsubscribe?

You can text ‘COPSTOP’ to 82228. Alternatively, click the following link and enter your mobile number to unsubscribe: www.sto.pm/coppafeel/

I am having issues with the SMS service, who do I contact?

You can contact CoppaFeel! at education@coppafeel.org who will pass your enquiry onto FireText.

Can I change the time that I receive my message?

We try to send our welcome messages straight away, and the monthly message between 6pm and 9pm on 1st of every month.

Will I get charged for receiving the message if I am travelling abroad?

The messages we send to you for our text reminder service are all plain text messages similar to ones your friends might send to you and would normally cost you nothing to receive. If you are travelling in Europe, your provider should not charge you any more than you would be charged at home. However, outside Europe, roaming charges may apply to receive texts as well as sending and you would need to check your network’s roaming rate for the country you are visiting.

Will CoppaFeel! call me on the number that I have subscribed with?

No we would not. We also don’t keep any of your details on our database if you are subscribed purely to the text service.