SMS Terms and Conditions

We can’t guarantee what time your text will arrive. But we do hope it’s a convenient time ie. whilst standing at the bus stop. Standard network rates apply for your initial sign up text and any further texts YOU SEND US. However, it doesn’t cost you a penny to receive our reminders.

To unsubscribe (not that you’d want to) just text “STOP” to 70300. The STOP text is free to send for all Vodafone users. It costs your standard network rate (typically 10p +VAT) on Orange, T-Mobile, Three, O2 and other popular networks. Alternatively pop us an email to team@coppafeel.org with your name and mobile telephone number.

This is purely a reminder service and we accept no responsibility for any text messages not related to this service. Any queries need to be emailed to team@coppafeel.org.

We will keep your details safe and secure and will not pass them on to any third parties.

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