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Thanks so much for ordering our educational materials, we’re so pleased to see that you want to spread the chest checking message!

Please be aware that orders may take up to two weeks to arrive and we are unable to track your delivery during this time.

We’d also recommend you take a look at our downloadable PSHE School Pack which has lesson plans and activities to help you educate your students about breast cancer. In line with the RSE curriculum and a PSHE Association Quality Assured Resource, it’s the best way to get young people adopting healthy behaviours.

Thank you for your patience and take care,

Team Boobs x

At CoppaFeel! we believe that everyone deserves the right to be equipped with the tools and knowledge to detect cancer early and while our message is intended for everyone, we acknowledge that we need to do more to ensure our work is fully representative and inclusive of all our beneficiaries. Please help us better monitor our current efforts by completing our anonymous optional Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form here.

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