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Why should you add Breast Cancer Awareness to your PSHE/RSHE lessons?

1 in 7 women will experience breast cancer at some point in their life and around 400 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK. It can affect anybody, of any gender, at anytime. By helping young people get to know their bodies better from an early age, we can instil healthy habits that could one day save their lives. It all starts with education.

We understand this is a sensitive, but incredibly valuable topic to teach which is why we’re giving educators access to our vast library of tools and resources (for free!).

“I used them at my previous school, but will be continuing to use them at my new school. Such an important lesson to deliver and using these resources makes it easier.” – Genevieve Rose, Teacher at NESCOT

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FREE teaching & classroom resources

We’ve developed our school resources with our Education Advisory Group to ensure it is a PSHE Association Quality Assured Resource.

  • CPD e-learning module – upskill your educators to confidently deliver PSHE & RSHE-aligned breast cancer awareness lessons
  • Boob School guide – an educators step-by-step guide to delivering the lesson
  • Lesson plans and activities – a vast library of supporting digital resources to help create interactive lessons young people will remember
  • Videos – Boob Check 101, signs and symptoms, Kris’s story, and many more!
  • Materials pack delivered to your school or college – leaflets, checking cards, stickers and badges

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