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CoppaFeel! exists to educate and remind every young person in the UK that checking your chest isn’t only fun, it could save your life. Breast Cancer will affect 1 in 7 women in their lifetime, with 400 men being diagnosed annually in the UK. Everyone has breast tissue and people of all genders can get breast cancer.

Our work spans schools, universities, events and festivals where we empower young people to be proactive about their health and bodies, starting healthy habits for life.

To learn more about our CoppaFeel! and our story, visit the About Us page.

What does a uni boob team leader do?

Uni Boob Team Leaders are the very important folk responsible for rallying a team of students to bring chest-chat to their university. As a Uni Boob Team Leader, you have two main goals: recruit a team of students to help you spread CoppaFeel!'s life-saving message, and get students at your university talking about and checking their boobs, pecs and chests. You'll encourage and empower students to get to know their chests in fun and original ways like:

Raising awareness through stalls and ‘pop-ups’ on-campus

Hijacking showers at your uni’s halls and gym with cheeky checking reminders

Hosting your own events and socials to start the chest-chat at your uni

Creating content and using social media to spread our life-saving message

Sound Good? Read on…

Your Responsibilities

  • Recruit & manage a team of students – the ‘Uni Boob Team’
  • Act as an ambassador for CoppaFeel!
  • Plan and deliver awareness campaigns, events and activities
  • Sign up students and young people to our free monthly text reminder service
  • Promote and share our awareness materials
  • Seek out opportunities to engage students at your university
  • Regularly report back to Boob HQ so that we can measure your team’s impact
  • Connect with your Students’ Union to establish the Uni Boob Team as a society (if it isn’t already)

We’re looking for people who are…

  • Creative and innovative (or can build a team that are!)
  • Willing to learn and develop
  • Confident in recruiting and motivating team members
  • Prepared to get to know their university inside out
  • Willing to learn our health messaging so you can be confident talking all things boobs, pecs and chests
  • Committed to volunteer their time throughout Terms 1, 2 & 3 (flexible around studies – roughly 3-5 hours per week with less activity during Term 3)
  • Supportive of our mission to ensure all breast cancers are diagnosed early and correctly
  • Students at a UK-based university

What you’ll get out of it

  • Transferable skills that employers look for
  • Access to a network of like-minded students across the UK
  • The opportunity to wear a boob costume – a privilege reserved for very special people
  • Rewards and recognition from Boob HQ for your time and energy
  • The warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing that you’re helping us educate and empower young people to get to know their boobs, pecs and chests 💖

How you’ll be supported

  • A key staff contact at Boob HQ who will be on hand throughout the year to support and advise you
  • A comprehensive online induction to introduce you to CoppaFeel!, volunteering with us and our health messaging
  • An in-person training day specific to your role and it’s requirements so you can confidently raise awareness at your university
  • Reimbursement for your travel as per our Volunteer Expenses Policy
  • Your volunteering will be covered by our Public Liability Insurance

Key Dates 

  • April: Applications open
  • May: Shortlisting and informal interviews begin (via Zoom)
  • From June: Offers made to successful applicants
  • August – September: Induction and Training Day

What you need to know

  • We only recruit one team leader from each UK-based university. Uni Boob Team Leader selection is based on a completed application form, 1-to-1 informal interview (Zoom) and a good understanding of the role.
  • Once shortlisting begins, informal interviews will be scheduled and places offered to successful applicants. For instance, if someone applies to be the Uni Boob Team Leader at your university and is successful at interview, they will be offered the role.
  • To confirm your place on the programme, you’ll need to attend ‘Boob School’ – our training day – at the end of August or early September 2023.

Equal Opportunities

At CoppaFeel! we support a diverse range of communities and we understand that representation and relevancy across our volunteering programmes is central to meeting the needs of the young people we exist to reach. We strongly encourage applications from Black and people of colour, LGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities, and from men because we would like to increase the representation of these groups within the programme

We promote equality, diversity and inclusion in our programmes and make recruitment decisions by matching the charity’s needs with the skills and experience of applicants, irrespective of age, disability (including hidden disabilities), gender, gender identity or gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation. We recognise the value in encouraging a diverse range of perspectives, skills, experience and knowledge at the charity. Our charity is committed to the positive promotion of equality of opportunity across all volunteering.

Think you could Lead Your Uni boob Team?

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