Looking to get clued up on boobs, from the comfort of your home? Whether you're a parent, educator, or a boob beginner looking to brush up your skills, we've got you covered.

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Boob School At Home

Home schooling, teaching remotely, or just interested in providing a boob education? Our carefully curated school pack provides lesson plans and activities to guide you through the boob checking world. Click on the button below to get started.

Boob School Resources

Online Module for Teachers

Are you an educator, or a parent currently home-schooling? We’ve created an online module with the support of Avon to help you feel more confident in teaching about breast cancer. It’s packed with lots of information that we hope answers any questions you may have.

Online Teacher Module

Educational Materials

We’ve got lots of clever materials designed to help you spread the boob-checking word. Whether you’re a teacher, parent or healthcare professional, we have all the materials you need to get started!

(Please note that delivery may take up to 2 weeks)

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Boob Bot

We’ve created Boob Bot to help you feel confident getting to know your body. Our messenger assistant will talk you through a boob-check, with advice to help you get to know what’s normal for you. You will also have the chance to sign up for regular reminders or repeat the process in a month’s time, so you can make boob checking a regular habit!

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Free Text Reminders

We can help you to remember to check your boobs with a free monthly text straight to your mobile – silliness, guaranteed.

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You may recognise @_kinglulu from our #KnowYourself campaign.
Thanks to a well-timed day off, Lucy didn't delay seeing her doctor when she noticed a small lump in her boob. She felt it by accident, but instantly knew it wasn't normal for her.
After being diagnosed with breast cancer that same week, she was grateful she didn't wait any longer. Early detection saved her life.
#CoppaFeelChestChat #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #KnowYourself

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It's as simple, short and SWEET as that. This #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth roll around in hundred and thousands, eat an entire chocolate fountain - we don't mind. Just make sure you CHECK YOUR TITS.

This artistry curtesy of the team at @chocolocouk 🤤

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#UnlikelyBoobHero @harrystyles shows his nips he loves them and therefore so should you. Have a look, have a feel and see if they point in #OneDirection (quietly pleased with that one). If you notice unusual changes, speak to your GP. ...

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