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What happens at 23? Well, if you’re lucky, seeing a bit of the world, brunching with mates and a whole load of carefree fun. And if you’re less lucky? Breast cancer. Which is precisely what happened to Kris in 2009.

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‘I’d been checking my chest for two years and knew what normal felt like’ – Becca’s Story

18th October 2021

After hearing about the importance of chest checking from Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign, Becca had been checking her chest regularly for two years when she noticed something unusual for her and decided to get checked out by a doctor. Becca spoke to us about being diagnosed with breast cancer at 26, and why she is focusing on the word ‘treatable’. 

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You may recognise @_kinglulu from our #KnowYourself campaign.
Thanks to a well-timed day off, Lucy didn't delay seeing her doctor when she noticed a small lump in her boob. She felt it by accident, but instantly knew it wasn't normal for her.
After being diagnosed with breast cancer that same week, she was grateful she didn't wait any longer. Early detection saved her life.
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It's as simple, short and SWEET as that. This #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth roll around in hundred and thousands, eat an entire chocolate fountain - we don't mind. Just make sure you CHECK YOUR TITS.

This artistry curtesy of the team at @chocolocouk 🤤

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#UnlikelyBoobHero @harrystyles shows his nips he loves them and therefore so should you. Have a look, have a feel and see if they point in #OneDirection (quietly pleased with that one). If you notice unusual changes, speak to your GP. ...

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