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kris Hallenga, coppafeel!  co-founder

What happens at 23? Well, if you’re lucky, seeing a bit of the world, brunching with mates and a whole load of carefree fun. And if you’re less lucky? Breast cancer. Which is precisely what happened to Kris in 2009.

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The Brazette

“I can give you a whole list of reasons why CoppaFeel! needed to be set up”

47 February 2018

On the 19th of February 2009, a 23 year old Kris was diagnosed with breast cancer. Three months later she and her sister Maren set up our charity. Today marks nine years since Kris’ diagnosis and a lot has happened in that time. So we thought we’d speak to the people who started it all about the highs, lows and “never again’s” of the last nine years.

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