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Picture this, the face of breast cancer – what do you see? Perhaps it’s an older female figure, maybe it’s someone in their late 60s who has visible laughter lines that we so lovingly refer to as wrinkles or it could be that you’re reminded of a JustGiving page you’ve seen in memory of someone. But, did the words breast cancer make you think of a young person? Nope? That’s why CoppaFeel! are here.  

Whilst most of the time a breast cancer diagnosis may come later on in life and the images we’re subject to in the media around the narrative of breast cancer are of elderly, frail-looking women, this isn’t a true representation of the face of breast cancer. Our research highlights that only one-third of young people view breast cancer as something that could affect them. 

With a need to drive the relevancy of chest checking behaviours amongst this age group, we worked with adam&eve to create ‘Changing the Face of Breast Cancer’. By telling the stories of three young people diagnosed in their early twenties, we’re shifting the perception of what someone with breast cancer looks like. CoppaFeel! are on a mission to drive behaviour change and get every young person to check their chest. This is important because early diagnosis means better outcomes to treatment and can be life-saving.

Don’t put off checking your chest. Breast cancer can affect anyone at any age. Sign up to our monthly text reminders today by texting CHECK to 82228.

Meet Brodie; diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 24

Meet Anisa; diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 22

Meet Shannon; diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 21

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer

More ways to check your chest

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