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In Healthcare

We are here to support and enable both healthcare professionals and non-clinical staff to promote the breast awareness message. We provide patient information, materials for your waiting room and education resources for all staff to encourage the nation to start checking their chests.

We know healthcare professionals, particularly GPs and nurses, play an important role in diagnosing breast cancer early. They also have a great influence earlier on in the journey, encouraging healthy checking habits. Our research shows young women claim doctors have the most influence in encouraging non-checkers to start. 

We want to make sure that all young people are informed about the importance of checking their boobs, chests, breasts and pecs. That is why we have designed the materials and resources below to help you to educate, encourage and empower your patients to start coppin’ a feel!

Attend a webinar!

Our CPD-accredited webinars are for all healthcare professionals, but have been created specifically for GPs, Nurses, Midwives, & Sexual Health Professionals. All the webinars are built around core learning objectives, and for each speciality there is tailored information for your discipline. Our 2022 webinar series has now come to an end and we will be releasing new dates in in the new year for our 2023 webinar series.

Our Healthcare Resources

Whether you are a healthcare professional, practice manager or support staff, you play an important role in health promotion for your patients. Find out how we can support your practice below.

Order our healthcare pack full of useful materials. Including leaflets for patients, badges for staff, and handy checking reminder cards for patients.


Download our A4 PDF posters to print for your waiting room/consultation rooms (or anywhere else you want to spread breast awareness!)


Our digital, downloadable leaflets contain all our core breast awareness info. We have versions in English, Arabic, Punjabi, Welsh & Bengali.

Our Health Information

We have recently updated all our health information on topics from Breast Pain and Natural Changes, to Checking With Implants. Our information is accredited with the Patient Information Forum, so if you want to promote breast health amongst your patients, get clued-up with the info below.

Our Health Information – your one-stop shop for breast health.

Our Health Information

Find out how to lead the way in chest-checking excellence with our Code of Breast Practice.

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The Self-Checkout is a guide through the checking process, with tips and FAQs. Great for patients!

The Self-Checkout

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Is there a screen in your waiting room?

Download our slides to educate your patients on all things boob checking whilst they wait. Click the button below to fill out the request form.

We also have static slides for systems that don’t support video files.

Download static slides

Our Engagement Work

See how healthcare professionals are working with the CoppaFeel! team to educate more patients about the breast awareness message!

Superdrug nurses join Team Boobs!

We have partnered with Superdrug to reach even more people with the important boob-checking message. All Superdrug nurses are now trained on the breast awareness message and will be raising awareness with patients during all consultations carried out across their 50+ nurse clinics across the UK.

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Meet our Medical Advisory Group

Meet our Medical Advisory Group members, here to support the CoppaFeel! team in reminding, educating and empowering the nation to check their boobs. We are proud to have their expertise on board to help evaluate, develop and inform our messaging and campaigns.

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