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Today’s Boob Champions like bikes almost as much as we like boobs. We spoke to Hilary Rowland,  Creative Director of Boom Cycle, about why they’ve chosen to get sweaty to support our charity.

Tell us a bit about what your team have been up to in the name of norks?

Four times per year we host a charity spin event to benefit CoppaFeel! There is always a theme, a Boom Cycle ride and a party involved! Our next event is called ‘Tits and Boogie’ and will be a chance for our riders to cut loose to their favourite disco beats followed by a party Boom Cycle style, all in the name of charity!
We’ve also printed some super-hot You’re Awesome tanks in pink from which all the profits go to CoppaFeel!

Why did you decide to fundraise for CoppaFeel!?

CoppaFeel’s message is so important. I know many women who don’t know how to check their breasts or don’t do so because they think they don’t know how. While this type of cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women under 40, it’s so important that someone is trying to help them be confident checking.

Do you think there’s still a need to raise awareness of breast cancer?

Of course, because it’s still effecting women and early diagnosis can make all the difference. By partnering with CoppaFeel! I hope our contribution will help to raise awareness and give women the knowledge and confidence to be in tune with their bodies.

What’s been the best thing about your experience?

Both our communities are made up of a majority of women and everyone has a mother, sister daughter or wife, so breast cancer effects everyone, in some way or other. It’s been fabulous to bring our community together for such a great cause. Also, I have learned more about checking my own breasts and as a brand I hope that we can pass this knowledge onto our riders who will also spread the message far and wide.

Boom Cycle have four studios in London; Battersea Power Station, Hammersmith, Holborn and Monument. Find out more at 

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