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We take your role as a volunteer for CoppaFeel! very seriously so to ensure you know exactly what you’re signing up to, check our volunteer handbook.

Volunteer Handbook


Have you been affected by breast cancer in some way under 35? If you have a story to tell, then join our Boobettes for the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s health.

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Uni Boob Team

Would you like to spread the boob love on campus? Join our Uni Boob Teams and help to convert your fellow students to the boob checking way of life.

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At Events

Fancy becoming an official cheer leader of #TeamBoobs? Read our volunteer terms and conditions and then fill in the form below

Work Experience Opportunities

Interested in joining Boob HQ for work experience? Keep an eye on the page below for any new opportunities.

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Jobs at Coppafeel

If you think you have what it takes to join our team (aside from a love of glitter and avocados), then check out our vacancies page.