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“I’ve always checked my chest regardless of my dysphoria because my mum had breast cancer when I was a baby. I ended up finding a lump in my chest when I was 24. They discovered that it was cancerous when I had my top surgery. 

It’s taken many years to find my normal but I eventually realised that I just don’t fit in any box. I’ve just always been different and I’ve learnt to absolutely love and enjoy that about myself.” 



Breast cancer can affect all people, regardless of age, gender, or race, so it’s really important to get to know what’s normal for your body. CoppaFeel!’s message is the same for people of all genders, but we know there are specific barriers faced by trans and non-binary people when it comes to checking. For more information about checking during transition, checking after top-surgery, and how to check when you’re feeling dysphoric, click below to view our resources for trans and non-binary people. 


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The Chest Checklist!

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